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20 March 2014

There is apparently something on this Friday and Saturday at Oatlands called “Oatlands fest” but one of two things has happened. Either A) the poster doesn’t really say what is happening or 2) I was drunk off my head at the time I saw it. I had been out – finally doing some good investigative journalism so see what Major Tom’s is like (it’s good, I had a really good beer and a game of Scrabble, pretty much ideal for a Monday night) – so both options are equally as likely.

I was going to write a bit of a review for what I did on Monday, as since it was St. Patricks Day I decided to go out and join the two sets of people who go out on St. Patricks Day (namely the people who go over the top and wear silly novelty hats and struggle their way through a half of Guinness, and the other types who prefer to sit on their high horses frowning and tutting as people doing such frivolous things as having so-called “fun”). I WAS going to write about that, but last week not 1 but 2 (T.W.O.) people decided to take the time to tell me my “writing is good but boring, it goes on too much” so in the interests of up holding my hard felt belief that people who constantly complain and find fault are the lifeblood of the nation and should always get what they want, here is a newschool, “get on with it mate” review of what I did on Monday:

Major Tom’s: Beer and Scrabble, good.

The Old Bell: Beer and conversation, good.

The Blues Bar, Beer & open mic night, good.

What a great night, so many happy memories and hilare anecdotes, that I am regrettably unable to share with you for fear of boring Complainy Complainson and Joe Wrongface.

Listen, obviously I don’t want to go on, so I’ll tell you quickly about some less regular events that are on this week:

Friday has loads on: The MG Band are live at Christies, the Geek Pub Quiz at the newly refurbished Retro Bar (which is a good excuse for you to check out what they’ve done there. Arrive early though it gets very busy) whilst Navi the Michael Jackson tribute is on at Viper Rooms and Take That Forever (a loving tribute to Take That, obviously) are at The Cairn Hotel. For something somewhat heavier The Den has Straight Shooters debut Harrogate gig on Friday, and they are also playing the Rehab Battle of the Bands on Sunday. Also on Sunday local charity Harrogate Homeless and Vulnerable are doing a pop up sale at St George community hall on Mornington Crescent and if you fancy a beer that night but want to keep it charitable, there is the Saddlesore finale a Monteys celebrating these two nee’er do well’s I know who actually did well and cycled somewhere for some reason. Dan Burnutter is playing that.

Dj Tim Paul is starting a “Midweek Madness” quiz night at The Harlow on Wednesdays, which will go well with your Dj Pieman’s later club night at rehab, which is also called “Midweek Madness”. I suspect there is there for a gap in the market for a “Midweek Soundness of mind and Rationality” night somewhere, but I’m no big city marketing executive. I’ve been to Tim’s quizzes before and they are good and Pieman is a good dj too, so if you can overcome the mental instability involved in the names of the nights, you’ve got a decent Wednesday night out ready made.

Tonight I’m doing a late St. Patrick’s Themed quiz, but since Harrogate-news rarely posts these columns on time, you’ve probably made other plans, I can’t say as I blame you.

Regular readers will of course noticed that the opening paragraphs of last week’s column made little to no sense, which was because Harrogate-news censored out one of my jokes. Whilst this was clearly an infringement of my hard fought for journalistic rights and integrity, when I was listening back to the tapped phone conversations about it I think they may have had a point. You can read the actual joke in full if you want to scroll through my facebook posts at but I have had some posts reported for using rude words so you are taking your life in your hands if you click that link. It was annoying getting a joke removed because the set up was left in just the punchline was taken out, which made it make no sense at all, however it did remind me of a very funny story I heard. It involved a magical hard little Gnome called Percival who and here are this week’s listings:

THURSDAY 20th March

Lure Bar, Quiz night with Dj Trev, 8pm £1 entry, free after quiz with Dj Trev playing foolhardy party music til 2am. Free hand cooked biscuit for everyone. Keep it real y’all.

Viper Rooms Nightclub, “My Party” R’n’B night, and excitingly, if you like Cocktails, or menu’s, a new cocktail menu launch.

Rehab Nightclub with Dj Tex. “Urban R’n’B” or something.

Blues Bar, live music from Skapegoat Kelly, Free entry.

The Alexandra, Live music, free entry.

Christies Bar, Pub quiz with Sean McGrath.

FRIDAY 21st March

Oatlands fest. No idea what that involves.

Sharp Shooter live at The Den.

The MG Band live at Christies.

Geek Pub Quiz at Retro. Arrive early!

Take That Forever at The Cairn hotel.

Lure Bar, “Shuffle” Breakbeat, Funk & house night with Dj Toby Skinner. Free Entry.

Rehab Nightclub, “Electro Circus” dance Night downstairs.

The Blues Bar, live music from TC & The Monkey Makers, Free entry.

Moko Lounge nightclub, “Frat house Party”.

SATURDAY 22nd March

Oatlands fest?

The Blues Bar, live music with The Jed Thomas Blues Band, free entry.

Manhatten Social Club, Soul All Dayer.

Moko Lounge nightclub, “Drop Out”, house night. Robert Amllinder & Alex Simmons, main room, house and electro. Leon Hithchen, VIP Room, R’n’b.

Revolution Bar, front bar Dj Tex (Soul & R’n’B), main room Disco Dave (upfront dance and chart) free entry.

Rehab nightclub, Rock music upstairs from Your Dj Pieman, Downstairs, dance music with Dj Wayne & James. Free entry.

Vipers Rooms Nightclub Dj Angel Lee & The Legendary Neil Jaques playing tunes for upfront clubbing upstairs, Harvey Westwood downstairs, free entry before 11pm.

Christies Pub, Sean McGrath’s Cheesy disco, free entry.

SUNDAY 23rd March

Pop up sale in aid of Harrogate Homeless and vulnerable, St. Georges Hall.

Rehab Bar & Club, Battle of the Bands, heat 4 from 8pm. Performing on the night: Bulls, The Shades, Straight Shooter & Left By Fear. Free Entry & Dj Trev til something like 3am after.

Saddlesore finale with Dan Burnette at Monteys.

The Alexandra Pub, Live music at the Sunday Soundcheck acoustic night. Free entry.

Viper Room’s Nightclub, Peek-a-Boo Urban night.

Blues Bar, live music from Vintage in the afternoon, Isi Dee around teatime and Dana Dixon at night.

Fat Badger , Cold Bath Road, Pub Quiz.

MONDAY 24th March

The Alexandra Pub Quiz, with your Dj Pieman.

The Harlow Inn, Otley road, Pub Quiz.

Zoso Bar, Dj Max & Rum Chaser, house music.

Blues Bar, open mic session, free entry.

Moko Lounge nightclub, Karaoke..

TUESDAY 25th March

Zoso Bar, Union Street, Electro Jam, open decks sesh.

The Tap n’ Spile pub, folk night.

Pitcher & Piano Re:Session cheap drinks night.

The Blues Bar, Darrin Naurendorf, Free entry.

Moko Lounge Nightclub, “Skint” main room upfront dance and electro, VIP Room Rock Box Rock night Dj Jaye Selway.

Revolution Bar, “Back to Rev’s” House Night, Dj’s Tex & Sixus.

Coach and Horses Pie and Peas night with proceeds to Martin’s House Children’s Hospice.


The Harlow Pub “Midweek Madness” pub quiz with Dj Tim Paul.

Pitcher & Piano Quiz night from 8pm. Free for new teams or £1.50 PP.

Rehab nightclub, your Dj Pieman’s “Midweek Madness” playing party music.

The Blues Bar, live music from the Paul Middleton Angst band .

The exact same bit of SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION I used last week AND the week before, as let’s face it, you’ve stopped reading already.

Should you wish to listen to some of my actual Dj’ing from the comfort of your own home, you can do that at but really I’d much rather you can out and partied, not for my financial gain you understand, but for your emotional wellbeing.

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x

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