Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands

Let the battle commence as ‘Battle of the Bands’ returns

5 February 2014

After the success of last years Battle of the Bands Rehab is once again playing host to a series of heats followed by two semi-finals and the grand final on Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014.

DJ Trev said: We really worked hard to make each heat work as a “stand alone gig” with a decent depth of variety in the bands playing, the only real difference being that the order of acts was drawn out of a hat on the evening, and naturally one of the bands would go through to the next round if they were deemed to be the best on the night.

The Judging of that is a combination of audience votes and authentic judges, and there are 2 “best runners up spots” available to ensure that should a band not make the cut – for example getting beaten by another band who ship in 3 coachloads of relatives – the best bands musically will still get through.

Naturally, for a Battle of the Bands to work there has to be a degree of “popularity contest” but the judges will also be determining who goes through, and in the heats have as much say as the crowd.

As it gets to the final there are increasing amounts of judges to ensure a fair balance not just of personal taste, but ability, stage presence and that almost indefinable “Rock n’ Roll” factor, that used to be called something else until a TV show ruined the phrase.

Dj Trev from HarrogateKicking off on Sunday the 2nd March, and also incorporating a “Bottom of the Bottle” heavy rock heat, and an “Acoustic / singer songwriter” heat at the lighter end of the spectrum, the artists are ultimately battling it out for a top prize featuring Studio Time, rehearsal space time, Merch Packages, £500 cash, clothing, Hair cuts, Tattoos and of course BEER!

Currently sponsoring the event are Westminster Salon Harrogate, Sudo Attire Menswear, Mojos Shakebar, Bottom of the Bottle Metal, Punk & Rock Night, Harrogate Homefire Studios, Spine Design UK and Rehab Zoso Harrogate plus more to follow.

The Line up’s for the heats are:

Sunday 2nd March 2014: Bluey Rockers Humble Scoundrel go up against Prog Psychedelic wonder of Oscilantern, The Rave-Rock of Summer City and the straight up indie of Nations.

Bottom of the Bottle’s “Battle of the Bottom” on Sunday 9 March 2014 pits I Call Mutinies sonic excess against the Grungier rock of Red Ocean Nectar, the Party Pop Punk of Day Old Hate and the Hardcore Punk of Iced Out.

The 16 March 2014 has the more acoustic elements of the live scene, as Angeline, Miss No One, Owen Martin & Meth Candy go head to head.

Sunday 23 March 2014  has Modern Day Dukes, Left By Fear, The shades & BULL weilding their axes to the death.

The Final heat is on Sunday 30 March 2014, and the last 4 bands (Hell Fire Jack, Audio nightmare, Set Sails and tentatively “Revenge of the Wildlife” will be playing for the opportunity to be back in action on Sunday 13 April 2014, with the first semi final a week before on Sunday 6th.

Two team from each semi will go to the final which is on Sunday 20 April 2014, and will have a swathe of guest judges and hopefully an armada or party people enjoying the talent!

Dj Trev added: If there are any businesses who would like to add to the grand prize with sponsorshit they can reach me on and there are still possibly one or two slots left for bands wishing to take part.

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