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Harrogate High students and staff champion children’s cancer charity!

18 December 2013

Harrogate High School hosted a concert in aid of Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) over £500 for the charity in just one night.

The concert was idea of year 11 student, Toni Barker, who wanted to support the charity after Caitlin Gott, a year 8 student at Harrogate High School was diagnosed with acute leukaemia when she started at the school. Toni said, ‘people aren’t aware of it so I wanted to put this concert on to raise awareness’.

The concert had been in the planning stages since June seeing Toni working closely with Vice Principal, Ann Francis to bring the evening together. Over 20 acts volunteered to show their support and perform offering staff and student performances with a mix of music and acting.

One of the standout performances of the evening was the staff duet between Mr and Mrs Cocker, performing on stage to the packed out Theatre. The highlight of the evening was Toni Barker and Caitlin Gott performing, ‘Hey Soul Sister’ by Train together which was a hit with the audience.

Toni Barker said:

The concert went really well. It was great to have everyone’s support. My main aim was to get Caitlin’s confidence up, she was really into performing arts and when she was diagnosed she lost a lot of confidence so having her perform twice on stage with me was fantastic.


School Principal, Andrew Bayston said:

It was fantastic to see the students and staff coming together to provide a charity concert for Children’s Cancer. At the suggestion of a year 11 student, Toni Barker, the concert was organised. The atmosphere was electric and so enjoyable!

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