St John Fisher students are thinking big by learning about small

13 September 2013

St John Fisher Students have been exploring the impact of Nanotechnology in the modern world.

At St John Fisher Catholic High School, on the 17th of July, gifted and talented students participated in a ‘Challenge Day’. This entertaining, factual and engaging event saw ten teams research the risks and benefits of nanotechnology across various business platforms.

‘Challenge Day’ was part of the school’s comprehensive Gifted and Talented programme, which last year included a very successful ‘Critical Thinking Day’.

The morning introduced students to the topic of Nanotechnology and the most current development and research in this cutting edge branch of Modern Science. The afternoon broached the ethical implications, benefits and potential risks. The day included an informative lecture from Dr. David Mowbray a Nano physicist from Sheffield University which informed students of advancements in science at a nanometer level. (A nanometer is 1 millionth of a millimeter and students were educated as to what is currently possible on the scale of less than 100 nanometers.) Students researched the use of Nanotechnology in the key areas of Food, Leisure, the Environment, Medicine and the Military and shared their findings with each other, whilst weighing up the impact of Nanotechnology on their own lives.

The day also encompassed an introduction to debating skills and a heated debate, discussing the potential risks and benefits of Nanotechnology in the modern age.


At school on the same day as this event, students sported pink non-uniform for the day to promote a day of awareness for Cancer and raise money for local cancer charities. The role of Nanotechnology in cancer treatment was also discussed.

Mrs Dimond, Programme Coordinator, said:

Our Challenge days offer exceptionally capable students the opportunity to step outside the curriculum and approach knowledge from a different angle, whilst equipping them with key skills.

They are designed to empower students to use their skills and abilities to influence and benefit the modern world and to think differently, which has certainly been the case today.

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