Harrogate residents’ parking to increase by 375%

25 August 2013

Harrogate Borough Council has reviewied the costs of residents’ parking permits in its off-street car parks within Knaresborough and Ripon.

Currently, residents pay £16 per annum (4p a day) which will now rise to £60 per annum,just £1.15 per week (or 16p a day)

Councillor Alan Skidmore
Councillor Alan Skidmore

Councillor Alan Skidmore said:

In this council’s off-street car parks, qualifying residents are given permits to park in bays for which there is a parking charge. I appreciate that the proposals originally mooted did seem high but that was because they were from a very low base. However, I have listened to representations made by residents and also those made direct to me from Councillors John Batt, Phil Ireland, George Pickles and Christine Willoughby.

I have agreed to this reduced increase. I have made this decision to be fair and equitable to other car park users who pay considerably more.

This council’s scheme of residents’ parking permits will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Off-street car parking should not be confused with North Yorkshire County Council’s on-street parking where generally residents’ permits apply on streets where there is no car parking charge but residents may be affected by nearby facilities such as hospitals, or free disc parking.


  1. So 375% increase this year and 300% on the annual review and you get your £180 a year through in the end. Not bad for a no guarantee there will be a space car parking charge.

  2. Yup and added to the extra parking needed for the brand new Premier inn which has no parking of its own – who signed that planning? it should be mandatory for a new hotel like this to show adequate parking for its guests on site – that’s another 103 cars pushed out onto the local streets.

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