Western Primary Pupils perform ‘It’s not about the money’

31 July 2013

Western Primary School held their annual end of year play at the beginning of July. Titled ‘It’s Not About the Money’, the show developed from this term’s topic of flight. In keeping with the school’s ethos of educating their pupils to be citizens of the world, the children wanted to fly around the planet, sample different cultures and reflect on the relative importance of money, friendship and caring for others.

The show was about a group of work colleagues in a winning lottery syndicate. With their winnings, they decided to embark on a round the world trip visiting New York, Rio, Delhi and Tokyo. On the way, the relationships between the different characters were exposed and developed as the journey unfolded. Towards the end of the show, while the team are exploring Japan, an earthquake disaster occured, focusing their minds and led them to appreciate the important things in life and how they could use their good fortune to help others in greater need.

The Rio Carnival in Full Swing
The Rio Carnival in Full Swing

Particular highlights in the well choreographed show were the flight scenes with dancing hostesses, a taxi ride through New York and the audience being swallowed up in the Rio Carnival.

The final rendition of Jessie J’s song ‘It’s Not About the Money’ proved extremely thought provoking when sung by children to a backdrop of the destruction following an earthquake.

Teacher Tim Broad said:

The show was amazing and the feedback from parents really underlines this fact. It showcased just precisely what our young children are capable of when talent, confidence, motivation and high-quality teaching all come together.

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