Mobile safety camera routes 31 July to 5 August 2013

30 July 2013

Enforcement locations for North Yorkshire Police’s mobile safety cameras for week commencing Wednesday 31 July 2013.

All locations are now published on the force website along with an explanation of the different route types.

Members of the public can now view the results of the safety camera enforcement activity on the force website. Up to date data for the previous week is uploaded every Tuesday which can be interrogated by route and date ranges.

The mobile safety cameras will be in operation at the following sites at various times during the dates stated. Cameras will not be in use all day, every day. The locations were accurate when this news release was produced.

Due to operating constraints, our mobile safety camera locations may change without prior warning.

  • A1039 Flixton
  • A1237 Monks Cross York
  • A1246 Great North Road, Fairburn
  • A162 Sherburn by-pass
  • A162 Towton
  • A165 Reighton by-pass, Filey
  • A167 Great Smeaton
  • A167 Kibber Hill, Topcliffe
  • A169 Goathland
  • A169 High Horcum
  • A170 Beadlam
  • A170 Cotes Lane, Sproxton
  • A170 Cotes Lane, Waterloo Plantation
  • A170 High Street, Wass Moor
  • A170 Ruston
  • A170 Scawton Moor
  • A170 Snainton
  • A170 Wilton
  • A171 Guisborough Road
  • A171 Guisborough Road, Ugthorpe
  • A171 Jugger Howe
  • A171 Mayfield Road, Whitby
  • A171 Scaling Dam
  • A173 Great Ayton
  • A174 Sandsend
  • A19 Hollicars, Riccall
  • A19 Barlby, Selby
  • A19 Burn
  • A19 Chapel Haddlesey, Selby
  • A19 Crathorne
  • A19 Doncaster Road, Brayton
  • A19 Easingwold by-pass, Primrose Farm
  • A19 Easingwold by-pass, Thornhill Farm
  • A19 Green Lane Farm, Riccall
  • A19 Northbound Kilvington nr Thirsk
  • A19 Selby Rd Whitley
  • A19 Southbound Kilvington, nr Thirsk
  • A59 Beamsley Hill
  • A59 Forest Lane, Head
  • A59 High Street, Starbeck, Harrogate
  • A59 Menwith Hill, Harrogate
  • A59 New Road, Hopperton
  • A59 Priors Bridge, Draughton
  • A59 Skipton Road, Fewston
  • A59 Skipton Road, Harrogate
  • A59 Sulphur Wells
  • A59 York Road, Knaresborough
  • A61 at Hutton Conyers
  • A61 Baldersby
  • A61 between Baldersby and the A1
  • A61 Monkton Moor
  • A61 Near Busby Stoop roundabout
  • A61 Near Skipton on Swale
  • A61 Ripon Road, Ripley
  • A61 Ripon to Harrogate 1.5m E of Ripon
  • A61 Station Road, Thirsk
  • A6108 Darlington Road, Richmond
  • A6108 East Witton
  • A6108 Middleham
  • A6108 Mile House Farm near Masham
  • A6108 North Stainley
  • A6108 River Cover, East Witton
  • A61Carlton Miniott at Eastwood Court
  • A629 Low Bradley
  • A629 Skipton by-pass
  • A629 Westbound, Crosshills
  • A63 Cliffe
  • A63 Milford Hotel, Newthorpe
  • A64 East-bound Barton Hill Cross Roads
  • A64 East-bound Islington Tadcaster
  • A64 East-bound Malton by-pass
  • A64 East-bound Tadcaster by-pass
  • A64 Seamer by-pass
  • A64 Seamer Road, Scarborough
  • A64 West-bound Malton by-pass
  • A64 West-bound Street Houses, Bilborough
  • A64 West-bound Tadcaster by-pass
  • A64 West-bound Wharfe Bridge, Tadcaster
  • A64 West-bound Whitwell Hilll
  • A65 Clapham by-pass
  • A65 Draughton
  • A65 Mearbeck north of Long Preston
  • A65 Newby near Settle
  • A65 Settle by-pass
  • A65 Sour Lane, Thorlby
  • A65 Whinney Mire Lane
  • A66 East-bound Gilling West
  • A66 West-bound Gilling West
  • A684 Field Gate Farm Bainbridge
  • A684 Garsdale Head
  • B1217 Saxton By Pass
  • B1222 Bishopdyke Road, Cawood
  • B1222 Near Bell Lane, Sherburn
  • B1222 Sweeming Bridge near Sherburn
  • B1228 Dunnington Lodge, Elvington
  • B1249 Foxholes
  • B1249 Staxton Wold, Scarborough
  • B1257 Fangdale Beck near Helmsley
  • B1257 Newgate Bank
  • B1257 Todhill Beck near Stokesley
  • B1257 Tup Hag Wood near Helmsley
  • B1264 Low Worsall
  • B1427 Queen Margarets Road, Scarborough
  • B1460 Castle Road, Whitby
  • B6163 Thistle Hill, Calcutt, Knaresborough
  • B6255 Gayle Moor, Hawes
  • B6255 Redshaw Farm, Hawes
  • B6265 Grassington Road, Rylstone
  • B6265 Hebden Village
  • B6265 Keld Houses, Greenhow
  • B6265 Sandy Beck, Rylstone near Skipton
  • B6265 Stump Cross Caves
  • B6265 Tarns Lane south of Threshfield
  • B6268 Masham Road, Bedale
  • B6271 Sweden Sykes, Great Langton
  • B6479 Horton
  • B6479 Selside
  • Beckfield Lane, Acomb, York
  • Brayton Lane, Brayton, Selby
  • Church Lane, Wheldrake
  • Gatherley Road, Brompton-on-Swale
  • Goose Track Lane, West Lilling
  • Greenshaw Drive, Haxby
  • Jenny Field Drive, Harrogate
  • Main Street, Askham Richard
  • Main Street, Flaxton
  • Main Street through Wintringham
  • Malton Road York
  • Millfield Lane, Poppleton York
  • Millfield Road, Chapel Haddlesey
  • Murton Way, Murton, York
  • Skipwith Road, Escrick
  • Stillingfleet Mine, Escrick Road
  • Strensall Road, Huntington, York
  • Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses, York
  • Temple Lane, Copmanthorpe, York
  • The Village, Stockton-on-the-Forest, York
  • Towthorpe Road, Haxby
  • York Road, Haxby, York



  1. Not a single camera operating in West Tanfield where drivers (mostly middle aged) use main street as a race way. Speed limit is 30mph which is ignored.

  2. Fair comment,however drivers will still go flying down the main street because these vans are drab silver with no prior warning whatsoever.Fixed speed cameras had to be painted yellow with prior warning signs for this very reason.Why is this stealth approach being re-introduced??

  3. Entirely agree with Andrew’s comment. If this wasn’t about revenue raising and genuinely about road safety / inappropriate speed for the area / conditions I would be all in favour. Bit of a cop out merely stating where they might be and that these locations could change at any time. Put the fixed cameras with all the bright warnings / markings / highlights in areas proved to be dangerous so they fix a problem and you’ll get a lot more support rather than sneaking around in silver vans informing people a week or so later that were doing something dangerous.

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