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20 June 2013

Dj Trev in Rehab in HarrogateDj Trev’s guide: The number one resource, most read, most trusted and most influential guide in the world about nights out in Harrogate written by a “Dj” *

*source: Ketchup.


Culturally, The Agatha Christie Theater Company are on until Saturday at The Harrogate Theatre, doing a play called Go Back For Murder, which is based on a book called Go Back For Murder by Agatha Christie. Sticking with Crime writers – whilst I’m not really into crime fiction, preferring to be an ACTUAL criminal by doing things like cashing in TWO refund vouchers from Asda’s car park in one shop (the trick is, to use the out of date one you forgot to use last time at the till then use the current one at the customer services place, ideally whilst wearing a cap so the Asda police can’t catch you in the act and send you to their version of Guantanamo Bay, which is called Preston.) – I did notice that the other big crime writer, Ruth Rendell, is at an event as part of the Old Peculiar Crime writing festival (18-21 July). This is pretty cool but somewhat surprised me because sometimes, like Ruth Rendell, or when people get really famous, I stop thinking they are ACTUAL people and start to think they are like just “Brands”, like Uncle Ben, Ronald McDonald, Eddie Stobart, Tony the Tiger, Cher, The Stay Puft marshmallow man, those annoying M&M characters, Spongebob Square Pants or Josephine Noble.


THURSDAY 20th June

Scapegoat Kelly are on at the Blues Bar tonight, I seen them once back in the day at Bar Med… Wait…. now I think about it, I also saw em at FEVA in the park in Knaresborogh (which I’m playing this year , it’s on Saturday 17th August…. You know what, I was somewhat concerned that after last weeks holiday it wouldn’t get back into the swing of things straight away, but I managed to shoe horn that plug for my self into a totally unrelated piece seamlessly didn’t I?).

“Natural Rhythm” are playing at the Alexandra but honestly I’m really struggling with their name as it reminds me of ‘Til Death us do part or something..

Personally on Thursdays I like nothing more than to spend my evening at Rehab playing a poor selection of Rock & Indie to a handful of disinterested people, whilst upstairs at Rehab Dj Tex has all the customers at his R’n’B night.

There is also another R’n’B night at the Viper Rooms called Y.O.L.O. Which is something you see on the T-Shirts of people young people you want to punch. However, you should not punch young people, as they are the future and will be in charge of the care homes that we have to spend our declining years in.



FRIDAY 21st June

The Sherlock’s play at Zoso Bar’s regular Friday night live session, which is run by Lobo Lex, who is a nice man. This looks cool, mainly because I have recently really got into reading Sherlock Holmes or watching TV programs about him. I don’t know anything about THE Sherlocks, but I like their name and as a very serious journalist that is good enough for me. Support on the night comes from Soundstorm (ok name) The Scandal (ok name) and Dj cGi (great name cos I came up with it. cGi used to be called Dj monkey, fact fans).

My top tip for the night is Hard Rock night Blood and Thunder which is at Retro Bar. It’s run by Jamie Bramhall who is the Dave Grohl of Harrogate ( Dave Grohl being the David Hasslehoff of Rock, David Hasslehoff being the Hulk hogan of Lifeguards Hulk Hogan being the Steve Jobbs of wrestling, Steve Jobbs being the Jeff Mills of computers, Jeff Mills being the Kelly Brook of techno DJ’s, Kelly Brook being the Jamie Bramhall of sexy ladies, Jamie Bramhall being a sexy boy who plays rock records loudly. To Clarify.)

Blues Bar has The Mustangs playing, they are blues band appropriately enough, with a new album out now on i-tunes and “all other major on line retailers”. As far as other “major online retailers” go, I can only think of Amazon (who always know what music I’ll need), Ebay (who always know what Star Wars figurine’s I’ll need) and those places that want to sell me pills that will enhance my performance (seriously, how do they know??).

In the world of night Clubbing, Rehab, Viper Rooms, Revolution and Moko Lounge are all open and ready for you to swagger in and stagger out.



SATURDAY 22nd June

The Mike Johnson Band are playing at The Blues Bar. Reading the name The Mike Johnson band, I always wonder what it must be like to be one of those people in a band that takes its name from the lead singer, fortunately this will never happen for me because A) if I was in a band it would be called the Magical Dj Trev Eargasm Band, and 2) I have no musical ability whatsoever so will just stick to Djing. Though looking at the name The Magical Dj Trev Eargasm Band makes me think I owe it to the world to actually form a band. We could write songs called things like “God is a DJ (no, really)”, “(Punch) the eye of the tiger” and “I wanna be adored (because secretly inside I’m crying all the time)”. The Magical Dj Trev Eargasm Band are currently looking for a record label. Serious offers only.

Rehab and Revolution are free to get in on Saturdays, Rehab have Dj Pieman on the top floor playing up front rock, whilst downstairs Dj Wayne plays Faithless “Insomnia” – Revolution has Dj Tex playing soul and R’n’B in the front bar and disco Dave in the main room with his upfront dance night. Whilst if you don’t mind paying, Moko Lounge and Viper rooms are also there for those in the mood for some serious Saturday night clubbing, which they do very well.

On Saturday Harrogatealternativeradio.co.uk celebrates being one year old, so tune in and have a listen, there are some very cool shows on there and props to Andy,Alan and everyone involved for running it for a year. My show airs at 10pm, and will be a birthday special of some kind… I’m probably the worst Dj on the station though, so I’d suggest listening to the Rife Radio show on at 8pm, which does really deep underground dance music.



SUNDAY 23rd June

In The Afternoon Soul Circle play at the Blues bar and into the evening there they have a band called Man Can’t Fly, which is an unusual name as usually musicians are telling you that we can fly – eg : R.Kelly “I believe I can Fly”, Lenny Kravitz “Fly away”, Yes “Fly Away”, Jimmy Hendrix “Touch the sky” and so on. In fact, after all those musical lightweights, only Keith and Orville offered some concept of grounding with their classic “I wish I could Fly” which is much more realistic. Whether or not Man Can’t Fly will play any of those songs is open to question however.

The Fat Badger runs their pub quiz on Sundays and in the world of clubbing, Viper Rooms has Peek-a-boo and I’m playing up the road at rehab where it is free to get in all night. I generally play requests on Sunday, and bearing in mind next week (30th) is Bottom of the Bottle’s Princess & Pirates Party, people need to get all the “Rihanna next murt” ’s out of their system this week please.



MONDAY 24th June

The usual business on Mondays, Zoso have Tom Kellet’s open mic night and Pete Oliver likewise presents an open-mic at The Blues Bar. Dj Pieman’s Pub Quiz runs every Monday at The Alexandra, and for a later option Moko has their Monday night Karaoki on until some crazy hour.



TUESDAY 25th June

There is an acoustic session at The Blues Bar, but as is generally the case other than that it’s cut and paste for Tuesdays: There is the Folk night at the Tap n’ Spile every Tuesday, but if you couldn’t give a folk about that, at the club end of the spectrum Moko has a night two rooms, one with Jay Selway’s Rock Box and the other with a really good commercial DJ doing good upfront stuff. I didn’t see who it was playing when I was in there but both rooms were playing good stuff. Jay also runs Rock Box pub night at the Regency. The Electro Jam continues at Zoso on Tuesdays and is a nice night out. They rotate the Djs so if you don’t like what one jock is doing you don’t have to wait long for another to be on. Hardcore Dave plays some hardcore too, which is something you don’t get enough of in Harrogate, so mad props to him and all the Harrogate Hardcrew. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Agian.




If you believe their website (which I do because it’s much easier than going round town with a pen and paper writing stuff down) The Paul Middleton Angst Band play the Blues on Wednesday the 26th June, WHILST on Wednesday the 27th of June The Birdman Rallies are there…? Come on Blues Bar, whilst you may be super cooland anti-establishment, I’m not sure we need two Wednesdays, it’s just going to confuse matters. No doubt by the time you read this they will have fixed their website making me look like a bewildered old man who’s lost in the futuristic nightmare that is the internet. Dj Pieman who plays at Rehab each Wednesday is however not bewildered and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for covering my holiday gigs last week, and suggest he now takes a holiday so I can afford to keep buying my girlfriend expensive things so she keeps liking me.

Now, normally I only plug stuff in advance if it is for charity, the community, or me, however I’m going to make an exception on this one cos the guy involved did a really insane thing for charity last year (namely dressing as an ACTUAL turkey for a month) so here goes : Yo Preston is in the running to get a slot at Leeds fest this year, so if you’d like that to happen you should go support him as he plays The Academy in Leeds (which in itself is a pretty big achievement) as its the final of a contest to play the festival, and is held on Wednesday 17th July. Yo Preston is playing with a full band too which I’m not sure happens a right lot, plus having just looked at the facebook page, it is in aid of Martin House Childrens Hospice so I’m totally justified in mentioning it. Tickets are only £4.50 – £6.50 too, and it starts at 6pm. Here is a

link https://www.facebook.com/events/460934900662637/




As I mentioned earlier, this week Harrogatealternativeradio.co.uk celebrates being one year old, its a very cool independently run internet radio station that broadcasts 24/7 playing as you might expect, alternative music. If radio 1 is too Sideways baseball cap, Radio 2 is too comfy shoes, and Radio 6 music is too pub juke box, or even if you just fancy a change, try tuning in for a bit, there’s some good stuff out there! I’m on Saturdays 10pm to midnight and Thursdays 2pm-4pm, and whilst what I do isn’t exactly highbrow, well produced, well presented, or generally welcome at all, I can offer the cast iron guarantee of no Rihanna. You can also listen to old shows from me at mixcloud.com/djtrevuk.

I swear on my show, which I’m not proud of, plus I curse a blue streak on facebook.com/djtrev so avoid both of them if you are religious, elderly, young, or human.

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x

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