The next best thing to a litter fairy

13 June 2013

Although Harrogate Borough Council carries out more litter patrols on The Stray during the warm weather months, littering can still cause a problem.

And last weekend (8/9 June), Harrogate in Bloom decided to support the council’s parks and street cleansing teams. Members of this voluntary group handed out dozens of bin liners to picnickers on West Park Stray.


West Park Stray 2 Sunday 9 June 5am


Harrogate in Bloom member Mary Bond said:

This initiative came about from a chance conversation at the Harrogate Hospitality and Tourism Awards and it was well received by all age groups,

We patrolled the area between Otley Road and the town centre during the afternoon and early evening on Saturday and Sunday, picking up the odd discarded item as we went and handing out bin liners.

People were extremely polite and very supportive and a quick inspection at 5:30 am on Sunday morning showed many of the bags had been filled and were stacked neatly by the sides of the litter bins.


Litter fairy A Board


Three Harrogate in Bloom A-boards placed at strategic points also caught the public’s attention.

Mary added:

I had quite a few amusing comments passed about me being the litter fairy,. “But at least that showed the message was being read.

The council does a fantastic job keeping such a large area clean and tidy, but we can all help. My main concern is discarded beer bottle caps which can be difficult to spot, so if you’re walking across the Stray or exercising your dog, please keep a look out for these, pick them up…and put them in a bin.

Harrogate repeatedly wins plaudits for the high quality of its open spaces and flower displays making the town a mecca for tourists and a beautiful place in which to live. A few people dropping large amounts of litter run the risk of ruining that reputation particularly as the Britain in Bloom season approaches.

The issue is not confined to young people, we must all set an example to one another and dispose of our litter responsibly. So please help us all by putting your litter into a nearby bin.

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  1. Brilliant initiative and we think that more should be done to prevent litter before it happens. After all litter is only rubbish that hasn’t made it to a bin or bag!

    And there’s no reason why anyone should ever expect anyone else to pick up after them. Only dogs are allowed to do that!

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