Doodle HR steps up to support local SME’s

16 May 2013

Small and medium sized businesses across the Harrogate district now have access to their own ‘HR Manager’ that offers flexible payment schemes for services.

Human Resources professional, Nancy Prest, has launched Doodle HR to provide local SME’s with affordable access to the level of advice that larger businesses benefit from in-house.

Nancy said:

Smaller businesses can’t justify the cost of a full-time HR Manager and yet when an employment issue does crop up, without HR expertise on side, they’re vulnerable to significant claims and charges.

At some point every business needs a helping hand with HR issues and that’s what I’m here to offer, without any demands for fixed contracts or retainers.


Human Resources professional, Nancy Prest
Human Resources professional, Nancy Prest


With over fifteen years’ experience in dealing with a wide range of public, private and not-for-profit businesses, Nancy is well equipped to support employers through the challenges of employment legislation and compliance. From recruitment and absence management to company restructures, disciplinaries and redundancies, Nancy says she is looking forward to lending her skills to benefit local employers;

Concerned about the financial demands on today’s SME, Nancy has created an unusual HR ‘Time Bank’ scheme. This allows clients to purchase and bank hours of HR support that can be used at any time and for any HR need and topped up at a more economical hourly rate. Doodle HR also offers a range of fixed price HR toolkits covering all the basic employee legislation requirements, presenting businesses and new start-ups with an economical way to ensure their obligations are met.


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Nancy, who lives in Harrogate with her husband and young son, continued:

“From talking with local businesses, I can see there’s widespread worry over the endless stream of legislation that owners need to keep on top of. Doodle HR offers flexible HR support to help protect the smaller business, leaving owners with the time to concentrate on what they do best – run their business.”

Doodle HR supports SME’s with daily HR administration as well as new policy design and implementation. For further information about Doodle HR visit

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