Table tennis success for SJF

9 May 2013

The Table Tennis prowess of Dan and Tom Bouchard has been recognised in a first for Saint John Fisher School, Harrogate.

Dan Brouchard, 16, had the honour of representing North Yorkshire in the All England Championships held in Doncaster. Dan is the first SJF player to reach this prestigious level. Although he failed to qualify out of his group, he was up against the England No. 1, Michael Ho, who went on to win the final.As only one competitor is eligible from each county, it was a fantastic achievement for Dan to even qualify.

Dan said:

It was a great occasion.

Playing in front of 500 people in a packed arena was amazing. I feel I managed to hold my own and I certainly intend to aim for success in future national competitions.

Following in his Table Tennis trainers is his brother Tom, 14. He finished top of the averages in Division 2 despite only playing competitively for the last three years. Hopes are also high for Tom.

Tom said:

Division 1 is a very high standard but I believe I can compete at this level. I hope I can follow Dan and compete successfully in next year’s National Finals.


Dan & Tom Bouchard
Dan & Tom Bouchard
Dan & Tom Bouchard excel at table tennis
Dan Bouchard
Dan & Tom Brouchard excel at table tennis
Tom Bouchard


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