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11 April 2013

Dj Trev from HarrogateDj Trev’s guide to the places, spaces and head cases and this week contains three uses of what was previously classed as medium to strong language and one use of comedy as a defence mechanism.

TONIGHT (Thursday)

The Alexandra continues it’s run of excellent covers acts with The Rozzers. Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but I would speculate that they are a tribute to The Police. I suppose they could be a tribute to famous people called Roz, but apart from the slapper in Frasier, I can’t think of any. As ever this will be a good busy pub gig, Loz runs a tight ship there and their Thursdays have been popular since what seems to be the dawn of time.

Last week I neglected to mention that some one from some TV programme, was at the Viper rooms. It was either Made in Essex, or the Only Way is Chelsea. Or possibly Geordie Shores. Something high-brow at any rate. I don’t know what they were doing there, probably a poetry recital, or 55 minute spoken word piece on the life and times of Oscar Wilde, so I must apologise to all the bookish intellectuals out there who missed out on this, surely one of the cultural highlights of the year. This week they probably have someone else learned off TV, let’s say, Jeremy Paxman, or Clement Freud (or Howard off the Halifax adverts)

Even that is probably better than coming and listening to me Dj at Rehab, I play all sorts of rubbish. Tex is on the top floor however and he’s much better.

If you just fancy a pint, go to The Old Bell tavern, as I think it has perhaps the best range of beers in town, and has the bonus of not allowing rubbish people like me in there to DJ, and is just a nice grown up pub. Try the Jever Pilsner, it’s ace.


My top tip for tonight is a little bit of a different kind of evening, called the “Geek Pub Quiz” down at Retro Bar. This is (now, if you can’t tell from the name, going to a quiz is probably a waste of time) a Pub Quiz aimed squarely at Geeks, with rounds about movies, comics, and them games that people play on those new fangled computers, I think they are called “computer games”. So round up a few mates who know stuff about those kind of things, and hey why not take some girls as well because they are nice to look at, and think of a decent geeky team name. I would suggest “Team Discovery Channel”. I am assured there are all sorts of prizes to be won, stuff like SNES consoles, it’s GOT to be a good laugh!

The Den has got 3 live acts on, Oscilantern headline, with support from Lobo Lex and gavin Dixon, and Dj monkey afterwards.

Christies has live music on Fridays too, this week it’s the Jarvis Blue trio, who play from 9.30pm, I had a really good beer last time I was in there but can’t remember what it was, perhaps because I had several… Still, it’s a good pub and the do live music every Friday, so go and try all the beers. Please remember, my advice is not endorsed by doctors or wives and that.


Moko lounge have recently changed their DJ’s on Saturdays, so I’m not exactly sure who’s on, but whenever I’ve been down on Saturdays this year it’s been a good mix of upfront club tunes, with the odd classic thrown in, but mainly up for it house music, and is a good way to spend the latter part of the night, when you know you should go home, but there’s rubbish stuff there like hangovers.

I’m playing the Den tonight, there’s a new dress code in force, now I’m not particularly a fan of dress codes, as I tend to find that I wouldn’t get in to any venue that operates one, as I dress like an “incident” involving a fancy dress shop, sports direct & Cheeky TK’s, nevertheless, I would guess that this is not a particularly strict dress code, more a case of you’re not getting in if your trainers are a) sh*t, or b) covered in sh*t.

Revolution is now free to get in on Saturdays, if you’ve not been down recently since it became a “Revolution de cuba” they do some excellent, interesting and occasionally challenging cocktails, there’s no door charge so whats the harm? Dj Tex is in the front bar doing Live Dj’ing and remixing, and Disco Dave is in the main room keeping it upfront and mainstream.

My top tip for tonight however, would be to go to Zoso, where regular House night Playtime welcomes guest DJ ZIPH, who, alongside the excellent Playtime residents will be playing a mix of underground house, Disco & techno. These kind of nights seem to be on the rise and lots of people are getting into a deeper house sound; for me, whether you are new to it or been into it for ages, Playtime is a good club night that manages to keep things with a nice underground feel without being pretentious. Entry is free too, which is nice.


Sunday looks like it’s the usual fare, myself at Rehab for what resembles a “request night” and tends to be quite a nice evening, or Peekaboo down at Viper rooms for something a little more urban. If I were you, I’d buy one of them taste card things and go upstairs to Will n Vicks, as I went there last week and it was awesome, although the scallops were a bit small. But the Lamb made up for that, like, 7 times over.


Dj Pieman is back from another one of his holidays, and returns on Monday to The Alexandra for Harrogate’s longest running quiz, with free Chilli for everyone playing, a good Monday night pub quiz, and there’s usually football on before hand, though I personally am not watching football these days, because I’ve tried playing it, in goal, and and get scored on more than your sister.


Moko lounge has a night with two rooms, one playing dance and the other playing rock music, which is a decent option if you are in the mood for a long and extended session, whilst just around the corner Zoso has their weekly Electro Jam night, which is getting a bit of a cult following, and pretty much anyone can rock up and play on the decks, though I would suggest getting there early if you want to be on before 2am in the god-damned-morning, as loads of people are into this.

If you enjoy my poor quality writings here for harrogate-news, why not try sampling some of my poor quality “radio-show” style mixes, available on or you can also hear them of on Saturdays at 10pm oor thursdays at 2 in the afternoon. Lots of foul language on those though, so be warned, if you raised your eyebrow at my use of the term sh*t earlier, these really are not for you. And even if you love swearing, they are pretty bad.

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x

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