Harrogate to pilot new initiative against burglary

16 March 2013

Harrogate is to pilot an new community action initiative to help reduce burglaries in the area.

CASAC (Community Action and Support Against Crime) is already established in West Yorkshire as a Social Enterprise that works with local people, the Police and other statutory agencies to improve community safety.


CASAC is dedicated to reducing crime and the fear of crime


They are non-profit organisation, with profits invested back into tackling the root causes of crime with previous charitable work including the delivering of projects that address weapons crime, prostitution and anti social behaviour.

When a household is unfortunate enough to be the victim of a burglary, the police will give them the option of a security assessment  by CASAC. They will visit the property, normally within 24 hours, and produce a security assessment, along with recommendations for the property.

The householder can chose to have any work undertaken at the time, something that may be important  if you have been burgled and need to improve security quickly.

Additionally, CASAC will post leaflets through nearby households to help raise awareness.


CASAC works towards achieving a situation where every individual can live their life free of the fear of crime and in safer communities


CASAC are not for profit organisation and put profits back into helping as many people as possible. In cases where the householder can not afford the work, it will be undertaken at reduced cost or at no cost. CASAC can, when appropriate,  also help secure funding from other sources such as Age Concern.

Being a not for profit organisation means the focus is on running a community initiative rather than making a profit.


PC Amanda Hanusch-Moore with PCSO James Skaith at one of the Police briefing sessions
PC Amanda Hanusch-Moore with PCSO James Skaith at one of the Police briefing sessions


Briefings have been held with the officers who would initially attend a burglary or undertake any follow-up investigations.

The statistics in West Yorkshire have been impressive, with only 0.01% of victims being repeat victims of burglary.


CASAC will also be holding a roadshow at Harrogate Library on Wednesday 20 March 2013, between 10:30am and 1.30pm.

Further details can be found at www.casac.org.uk and they can be contacted to survey any household or to provide talks to any local community groups on the topic of home security.


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