Letter: Gay marriage bill

7 February 2013

I write as a Harrogate resident, a practising Christian of strong faith and a homosexual.

I note with pride that our MP Andrew Jones voted in support of the Marriage Bill. The statement he released on his website shows reasoned thinking and that he has carefully considered the many arguments which must have been laid at his door.

What many people fail to understand is that sexuality isn’t a choice. One doesn’t decide one day to feel attracted to people of the same sex. Sexuality is hormonal and genetic, not a decision.

People also usually fail to realise that some gay people have strong faith, like me.

I feel lucky to have reached adulthood with my sexuality being accepted by my peers, unlike people of generations before me. And I feel lucky to be able to practice my faith without prejudice.

Many comment that there has not been much campaign from homosexuals wanting equal marriage, in contrast from those who don’t. This, in part, is true but the day when fairness is only granted based on the number of people it affects will be a very sad one indeed.

The MPs who voted in favour of the bill will be remembered for doing what was right, rather than what might have seemed to be easy.

(Requested to be anonymous)


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