North Yorkshire schools achieve top ranking

25 January 2013

examsNorth Yorkshire’s schools and colleges have risen to the very top of the national performance table rankings published yesterday (Jan 24th) with overall scores and those of many schools showing strong improvements. The county now ranks in the top ten per cent of local authorities nationally for GCSE results, with the county’s schools improving at a much faster rate than the national average.

At GCSE, North Yorkshire is first in the Yorkshire and Humberside area and ranks 13th out of 150 authorities nationally for its schools’ GCSE 5 A*-C results including English and Maths – with over 65 per cent of pupils reaching that level, well above the national rate of 59.4 per cent.

The number of young people who achieved a C or above in Maths increased significantly, by nearly six per cent to over 76 per cent.

Several of North Yorkshire local authority maintained schools improved their GCSE 5 A*-C results including English and Maths significantly; for example St Augustine’s in Scarborough by 15 per cent; Richmond School by 13 per cent and Selby High School, Brayton High School and Risedale Sports and Community College by ten per cent.

Across the county the proportion of pupils achieving at least 5 GCSEs at A*-C, or equivalent qualifications, in any subjects rose to over 85 per cent – again well above the national figure of 81.8 per cent.

North Yorkshire also ranks first in the Yorkshire and Humber region and 20th nationally for achievement in the English Baccalaureate, awarded to pupils who achieve at least a C grade in five specific GCSE subjects – English, maths, a humanity, a language and two sciences. Once again, the county has moved up the performance table. Over 22 per cent of pupils across the county gained the English Baccalaureate compared to 18.3 per cent nationally.

For post-16 students North Yorkshire ranks 15th out of 150 authorities for points per A-level entry and 17th in the country for the percentage of students gaining three A*-A grades at A-level. Nearly 88 per cent of North Yorkshire students gained at least three A levels or equivalent.

County Councillor Arthur Barker, North Yorkshire’s executive member for schools said:

This is a really stunning set of results. The figures show today that the county’s schools prepare our young people very well for their next steps into training or further and higher education. This means they are able to access the full range of choices, including access to the top universities.

These results once again show North Yorkshire’s commitment to ensuring that all students can meet their full potential and that strong partnerships between schools and between schools and the local authority have led to even higher standards.

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  1. Very confused article, very top of national performance table rankings but 13th out of 250 authorities in GCSE? 20th nationally in the English Bac. 15th and 17th in A lvel measures. Please can you write cleatrly and factually!

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