Gritters work round the clock as wintry conditions continue

21 January 2013


North Yorkshire County Council’s gritting fleet is working around the clock today to keep priority routes moving as the region is affected once more by snowfall and freezing conditions.

Gritters were out overnight and have retreated main priority one routes this morning. In many areas, particularly in the Dales, Moors and Wolds, retreatment of these routes continues as more snow falls and there is some drifting.

The A169 is closed at Goathland, as is C20 at Blakey Bank otherwise main traffic routes are generally open, although some are just passable with care notably in upland areas. With more snow forecast and winds picking up as the day goes on, gritters are likely to be busy throughout which means many minor routes will go untreated. The county council’s priority during such extreme weather is to keep main traffic routes treated and open, followed by other important routes.

Road users are therefore urged to take great care when driving, plan extra time for any necessary journeys and make sure they travel with a supply of warm clothes and plenty of fuel.

The county council’s gritters and farmer contractors will be out throughout the evening and around the clock to ensure that all main roads are ploughed and well salted and generally clear.

However, cold temperatures mean that lying snow overnight will not readily clear and hence compacted snow and ice will be a widespread problem for motorists and pedestrians. When road temperatures fall below -5 centigrade, grit is far less effective. During the current cold snap road surface temperatures have been as low as -10.

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