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7 January 2013


The band that have been playing to sell out crowds for the last 8 years in Europe, Russia and Asia are now heading to the UK for a tour in February 2013.

Playing all the big hits – Living next door to Alice, If you think you know how to love me, Needles & Pins, Oh Carol, I’ll meet you at midnight, Don’t play your rock n roll to me, For a few dollars more, Take good care of my baby, Something’s been making me blue, Lay back in the arms of someone, Mexican Girl plus new tracks including Stay with me till dawn (which reached No.2 in Germany)


How it all began

Alan Barton, former frontman of Smokie (1986-1995) tragically died on March 23rd 1995 in a Cologne (Koln) hospital. This was the direct result of an accident involving the band’s tour bus.

In the years prior to his death (1993 to 1995) he was working on material for his second solo album; a follow up to the successful top 10 album ‘Precious’. Due to his untimely death the Album was never completed. A decade later Alan’s son Dean (Barton), decided to finish the project and together with Andy Whelan and Graham Kearns “Room with a View” was born!


About the Album

The album features a catalogue of songs written and sung by the late Alan Barton, the original soundtrack recorded on 2 inch tapes, uncovered in Andy Whelan’s loft!

Over the years storage and time had cemented the old tapes, rendering them unplayable, but a suggestion was made to bake them in an incubator! Miraculously this clever idea was a resounding success and the songs were finally transferred onto a workable format!

Musicians who were friends of Alan (including Alan Silson, original Smokie Guitarist) were brought forward to play on the album, his vocals and harmonies were kept and new instrumental arrangements added!

Dean duets with his father on the tracks ‘I O U’ and ‘Storm Damage’.

Alan duets with Teri Sullivan (Chris Norman’s cousin).

The release date was September 2011 and the single “Stay with me till Dawn” followed reaching Number 2 in the influential Radio Berlin ‘Hey Music’ charts!


The “Spirit of Smokie” is:

Dean Barton (Son of Alan)…. Lead Vocal Guitar

Andy Whelan …………….… Lead Guitar Vocals (Chris Norman /Alan Silson Band/B’Eagles)

Graham Kearns……………… Bass Guitar Vocals (Alan Silson Band & B’Eagles)

Kevin Fitzpatrick…………… Keyboards Vocals (Chris Norman Alan Silson Band)

Ron Kelly…………………… Drums (The original Bradford drummer and founder member

Of The ‘Elizabethans’ and ‘Kindness’, bands which included Chris Norman, Alan Silson and Terry Uttley with the final name change to ‘Smokie ’coming in the Early seventies.

The band is now touring the album and performing the greatest hits of the original ‘Smokie’ line up throughout Europe and Asia – to great acclaim!

Spirit of Smokie play the Frazer Theatre on Sunday 17th February 2013.

Doors open 7.00pm; Starts at 7.30pm

See www.frazertheatre.co.uk/EventSpiritOfSmokie.html



‘Keeping the Spirit Alive!!’


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