50-years of service to the Harrogate Scouts

24 December 2012
Malcolm Moore of Harrogate 14th Scouts (Woodlands)
Malcolm Moore of Harrogate 14th Scouts (Woodlands)


Malcolm Moore has been honoured following, 50-years as a Scout Leader in Harrogate.

Malcolm joined the scouts at the age of 13 and now aged 69, has just clocked-up 50-years leading at the 14th Harrogate Scouts (Woodlands).


Malcolm Moore said:

I joined the scouts at the age of the 13, after I was knocking door to door collecting jumble and heard about them.

I took my warrant out before I went to University though.

Back in those days we would do everything, I can remember building canoes and taking them all the way to Hull.

The scouts are great for young people to be part of.

It instills camaraderie, skills of working together  – if the young people live by the scout law then they won’t go far wrong.

Mark Turner, District Commissioner for Harrogate and Nidderdale  said:

50-years is a tremendous achievement and I would like to thank Malcolm for all that he has given.

Over the years he will have been a positive effect to literally hundreds of young scouts.


Harrogate 14th Scouts (Woodlands)
Harrogate 14th Scouts (Woodlands)


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