Woodland to be created in memory of Graham Roskell

26 November 2012

Following the loss of Graham Roskell his family are trying to create a woodland in North Yorkshire

This is a very fitting tribute to a wonderful, kind family man who loved the woods and nature.

The close friends and family are asking those who followed his family’s story to consider ‘donating a tree’ to create the woodland.

This would create an everlasting tribute to him, his family and everyone who helped in searching for him and somewhere his children, his three Grandchildren and in turn their children can visit in the future.

It is only £10 to donate a tree online or £15 by phone.

  • Phone the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) on 015242 51002 and ask to dedicate one or more trees in memory of Graham Roskell.

You need to state that your dedication is in memory of ‘Graham Roskell’


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  1. Don’t forget to make sure you dedicate it to ‘Graham Roskell’ as although donating a tree is great anyway its so much better if it helps to make ‘Grahams Wood’x

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