Olympic Torch

Harrogate tourism body calls for local ambassadors

25 November 2012

Olympic TorchWelcome to Harrogate Limited, the district’s newly formed destination management organisation, is calling for Olympic Game Makers to join them as ambassadors to promote the area to tourists.

The biggest cheer at the Olympics closing ceremony was rightly for the Olympians. But it was also right that the second loudest was for the thousands of Game Makers from all over the world who gave up their time to support the Games. Visitors to the Games were welcomed by them with warmth, enthusiasm and a commitment to make sure that they got the most out of their visit.

Many of those Game Makers came from the Harrogate district and the Directors of Welcome to Harrogate Limited want to harness their skills to repeat that ‘warm welcome’ by becoming ‘volunteer ambassadors for the district’.

Welcome to Harrogate Limited is a public-private partnership which shares the vision to promote the district as a world-class place in which to live, learn, work, visit and invest.

All local Game Makers are invited to come to Hales Bar in Harrogate at 6.00pm on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 to learn about a number of initiatives which could benefit from their support.


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