Six month ban for 144mph biker

8 November 2012

A biker has been banned today (Thursday 8 November 2012)  following been caught speeding at 144mph has been banned from driving for six months and fined £500 plus court costs of £45 and a victim surcharge of £50.

Gary Dobson, 40, of Old Lee Bank, Halifax was caught on the A63 near South Milford on 7 October 2012 riding a BMW RR 1000 in a 70mph limit.

Dobson pleaded guilty by post at Selby Magistrates’ Court on 1 November 2012 and was sentenced today.

144mph is the highest speed detected so far by North Yorkshire Police’s mobile safety camera which was introduced in July 2011.

Inspector Dave Brown of North Yorkshire Police’s Strategic Roads Policing Group, said:

Mr Dobson has shown shocking disregard for his own safety and that of other road users. He should consider himself lucky to be only facing a driving ban and a hole in his bank balance and not something much more serious.

Hopefully the ban will give him time to reflect on his actions and also send a clear warning to others of what faces them if they believe the law does not apply to them.

The safety camera has proved to be a very successful tool in influencing driver behaviour and it will continue to be deployed on roads where we know speeding is an issue. The simple answer is if you don’t speed, you won’t be caught.

In first 12 months of the safety camera’s operation (July 11 to June 12 inc) the following offences have been detected:

  • Total Violations 16,055
  • Report for Summons 250 (high speed)
  • Conditional Offer of Fixed penalty 2,126
  • Speed Awareness course 13,054
  • Not Proceeded With 625

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