Dementia collaboration launches innovative approach to care at home in North Yorkshire

17 October 2012

Carefound, a Harrogate-based provider of home care services to elderly people, has announced a collaboration with the Contented Dementia Trust that will introduce an innovative approach to dementia care in North Yorkshire.

To help clients with dementia remain at home for longer, Carefound is working with the Contented Dementia Trust to introduce and adopt their specialist approach to caring for people with dementia known as the SPECAL method. Importantly, the SPECAL method aims to treat dementia as a disability and work positively with it, rather than trying to ignore or defeat it.

It uses a unique way of understanding dementia from the point of view of the person with the condition and starts with three simple day-to-day rules, SPECAL’s ‘Golden Rules’: don’t ask questions, don’t contradict, and learn from the expert (the person with dementia).


Penny Garner (Contented Dementia Trust, Founder) with Philippa Moorse (Carefound, Home Care Manager)
Penny Garner (Contented Dementia Trust, Founder) with Philippa Moorse (Carefound, Home Care Manager)


The announcement has coincided with the launch of World Alzheimer’s Month in September 2012 when Alzheimer’s associations across the world were encouraged to focus on reducing the stigma associated with dementia and make communities more dementia-friendly. It also follows the start of a new campaign by the Department of Health, supported by the Alzheimer’s Society, that will raise awareness of the condition, early signs and symptoms and how to seek help.


Oliver Stirk, Director at Carefound, commented:

We are very excited to have formed this relationship with the Contented Dementia Trust and in doing so want to maximise the opportunity for people with dementia to remain at home in the Harrogate, Ripon and Wetherby area. As part of this we will be holding quarterly ‘Understanding Dementia’ events open to families in the area. These will offer an opportunity to not only learn more about helping people with dementia but also share experiences with other families who face similar difficulties.

Sadly, there remains a stigma attached to dementia and it is the late stages of the condition that we often see in the media. People therefore assume that once a diagnosis of dementia is made the person no longer has the ability to maintain a good quality of life in the community. This prevents many people from acknowledging symptoms and, consequently, from obtaining the care and support they need.

Philippa Moorse, Home Care Manager at Carefound, added:

We are keen to work with families, GPs and other health professionals to ensure that people with dementia in North Yorkshire can benefit from a professional home care service and remain in the comfort of their own home for longer, particularly during the early to middle stages of the condition.


The SPECAL approach to caring for people with dementia was originated over 25 years ago when Penny Garner (founder) looked after her mother who had Alzheimer’s. Penny used this experience to come up with a simple way of teaching others.

Penny commented:

I am delighted that we have been invited to work closely with Carefound to train their staff, and excited to hear of their plans to hold ‘Understanding Dementia’ events to introduce the SPECAL method to families in the local community.


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  1. Dementia is a scary disease. It’s hard for the loved ones who has to deal with it and harder on the person whose living with it. I’m glad the institution adopted the SPECAL method, it’ll be pretty interesting.

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