Rocket science on the syllabus

13 October 2012

Year 5 and 6 pupils at Western Primary School enjoyed a day discovering the science behind building rockets. They have been investigating the moon landings and space exploration throughout this half term, culminating in a visit from Starchaser.

Starchaser is a company which builds and launches it’s own rockets for commercial use in space.

Steve Bennett, owner of Starchaser said:

We come and teach the kids about the science and engineering behind how rockets fly.

Each child built their own miniature rocket, which was launched skywards from the school playground. The climax of the day centred around the launch of a solid fuel rocket from the wide expanses of Harrogate Grammar School.

Teacher Miss Richardson said:

It is a lovely opportunity for the children to launch their own rockets. However, to see a solid fuel rocket explode into the sky is a brilliant experience.


One lucky pupil was selected to hit the launch button at the end of the famous ten second countdown. Year 6 pupil Abi Tetlow enthused:

It is amazing to be picked to press the launch button. It just makes me want to learn more about rockets. I’d love to build and launch my own rocket one day.


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