Video: 12 month ban for 103mph wheelie biker


26-year-old Wisniewski of Firth Avenue, , was captured by North Yorkshire ’s mobile safety camera as he rode past the clearly visible camera van on 20 June 2012.


Inspector Dave Brown of North Yorkshire Police’s Strategic Roads Policing Group said:

Wisneiwski should be thankful that he is still here to face a ban and a community order. His riding showed complete disregard for his safety and that of other people. The consequences of such irresponsible riding could have seen him facing far more serious offences.

Riders and drivers need to be bear in mind the capability of the safety camera and its ability to capture indisputable evidence from all angles and at a greater distance than a conventional safety camera.

We know the vast majority of riders are sensible and use their machines safely and considerately, this message is aimed at the arrogant minority who show complete disregard for safety and the potential, life-changing consequences to their own and their families’ lives.




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