Platoon Sgt Davies had a fractured leg during part of his 24hr/ 125.4 mile challenge


Platoon Sgt Spencer John Davies (Taff) completed a 24 hour challenge at the weekend, finishing on Saturday (23 June 2012). During the challenge he ran and speed marched 125.4 miles around the Harrogate Stray, complete with a 15kg backpack.

It now transpires that part of the challenge was with a fractured leg.


Platoon Sgt Spencer John Davies during the challenge
Platoon Sgt Spencer John Davies during the challenge


He experienced some pain which he put down to shin-splints and simply managed with pain killers.

Spencer said:

I developed a shin splint at 8pm on the first day and then by midnight I was in lots of pain.

When I woke up on the morning after the challenge I couldn’t walk, so got myself to Hospital.

They X-rayed my leg and told me I had a horizontal fracture of my tibia, they think that probably happened at 4:30am on the Saturday morning.

In hindsight though, I started far too quickly and should have taken it at a steadier pace.

Spencer now has his leg in plaster up to the knee which will need to be on for 6 to 12 weeks.

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