Multiple vehicles damaged in the Bilton and Woodfield area of Harrogate

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Police are investigating multiple incidents of vehicles being damaged in the Bilton and Woodfield area of Harrogate.

  • Reports were first received 3 weeks ago
  • Over the last 10 days there have been 10 vehicles damaged
  • Damage has been to mirrors being kicked off and keying over the length of a vehicle
  • It is most likely to be between 8pm and midnight

Vehicles have been damaged in a number of locations including Woodfield road, Albany Avenue  and the King Edwards drive area.

Police are currently pursuing a number of lines of enquiry, but are also urging action from the general public.

  • Police are asking for people to be more observant and report any suspicious activity or individuals in the area
  • All incidents of vehicle damage should be reported as it is likely that it is being under-reported

Police Patrols are also being increased in the area, of both uniform and plain clothed officers.

If you wish to report a crime or have information to give to the police then please call the non-emergency number of 101 and quote NYP-15122015-0067



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