Backlash following plans to roll out iPads at local school



  1. The head teacher said that there had been a positive response to the decisionti introduce ipads can this be proven

    • at the moment the above vote proves the opposite – out of 27 votes so far 24 think rossett are WRONG to ask parents to buy ipads – I dont agree with them being asked to buy or rent them. I have 2 kids at rossett and they have computers for use at home and the school has them for use there plus they have ipads which can be used during the day if its totally necessary. if it is so important for them to have an ipad it should be provided for them by the school. As a parent i feel pressured to get them one by the letters and emails sent by the school its as if they will be disadvantaged in some way by not having one 24/7 instead of just during the school day….

  2. I’m all for learning and improvement .. But Rossett has gone about it all the wrong way – no warnings .. A letter with a week to find over 600 quid for 2 iPads !!! Get real !!!

  3. It’s stupid I’m at rossett myself in year 10, Im not getting one, since the teachers have got them know feedback off them for the work that we do in class. It’s not insured, they will go missing get broken, and the perents will have to pay again for damige. Ridiculous if you ask me.

  4. The headteacher says she is giving parents a choice. It doesn’t sound like much of a choice to me, as there’s no option to opt out of having this expensive piece of kit. Why didn’t the school decide to get all kids to have a Rapsberry Pi computer, which is designed with students in mind, is extremely cheap at £25 and will actually teach them to do computer programming?

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