5 things to consider when travelling around the North of England by car. What do the roads of the British countryside hide? Take care of your suspension

14 February 2024

Travelling through the scenic north of England is a journey through historic sites and attractive villages with stunning scenery. However, beneath the charm of the British countryside lies terrain that can challenge even the most seasoned travellers. Let’s take a look at five important things to consider when travelling around the north of England by car.

Plan your route properly

The roads in the north of England vary in quality and terrain. From winding country lanes to rugged coastal routes, each has its own challenges. The region’s roads are known for their uneven surfaces, especially after severe weather conditions.

Before you set off, take time to research and plan your route carefully. If possible, choose well-maintained roads and be aware of possible detours or roadworks that may affect your journey. A well-prepared route will help you get the most out of your journey.


Although modern GPS systems make navigation easy, some areas may have limited signal coverage. To avoid getting lost in the enchanting maze of country roads, purchase a reliable offline map or traditional paper maps. 

Wildlife hazards

The idyllic landscapes of the North are often accompanied by an unexpected element – wild animals. Unexpected encounters with animals crossing the road are not uncommon. Drive carefully and be prepared to brake or swerve if necessary.

Weather precautions

The unpredictable British weather is a factor that should never be underestimated. Rain and fog are common in the north of the country, and slippery roads can create difficulties for drivers. Check your tyres have enough tread and use appropriate driving techniques to maintain control.

Scheduled vehicle inspection

Before travelling, have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to assess the condition of all components and address any signs of wear or damage in a timely manner.

 Image of the vehicle’s suspension – www.buycarparts.co.uk


One of the most important aspects of travelling is ensuring that your vehicle’s suspension works reliably. Suspension failure can be caused by a variety of factors, including potholes, excessive loading, uneven road surfaces and component wear over time. To avoid suspension problems, maintain proper tyre pressure and regularly check your suspension for signs of damage. Invest in quality shock absorbers. Also, don’t overload your vehicle with heavy loads, drive carefully, especially on unfamiliar roads, and avoid sudden impacts that can compromise the integrity of your car’s suspension. 

By taking preventative measures and staying alert on the road, you will ensure a safe and secure journey across the North of England.

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