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Positive future mapped out for Chatsworth House dental patients

23 November 2023

Local MP, Andrew Jones, has received further reassurance from the Integrated Care Board (ICB) for Humber and North Yorkshire about services for NHS patients displaced from Harrogate’s Chatsworth House dental practice.

The practice will be closing its doors to NHS patients on 1 December and, despite promises from the ICB that patients would be contacted about alternative NHS services, with only a few weeks to go nothing had been heard.

Andrew wrote to the ICB seeking urgent clarification having been contacted by more than 50 of the clinic’s patients.

Today the ICB confirmed that they had asked dentists in Harrogate to submit bids to take on the displaced Chatworth House patients.  That process has closed and the bids are being considered with a decision expected soon.

Any patient on Chatsworth House’s roll in the last two years will be sent a letter by the NHS explaining where the new provision will be available.  These letters will be sent out in December.

Subject to the terms and conditions of their contract, any former NHS patient who has signed up for private services with Chatsworth House can apply to a new provider.

Andrew commented: “This is good news for NHS patients at Chatsworth House.  It was important that the cash provided for NHS dental activity at Chatsworth House remained invested in Harrogate NHS dentistry.  I am grateful to the ICB for ensuring this is the case.

“If any Chatsworth House patient would like a copy of the letter I received from the ICB they can get in touch with my office on 01423 529614 and my team will get a copy to them.  I have already sent it to all those who have contacted me directly.”

“I still have longer term aspirations for dentistry in our area.  I want to see a Centre of Dental Excellence for North Yorkshire based in Harrogate.  This will train the next generation of NHS dentists and could help provide more capacity locally.  I have also met two dentists locally who are looking to expand their practices and put them in touch with people in the NHS who can help with that.  These discussions look very positive.

“I want the Government to look closely at the NHS dental contract which, despite some recent changes, remains much as it was when it was set up in 2006.  I have spoken to several dentists – NHS and private – and have got some feel for where the professionals think improvements can be made.  The aim is to encourage more dentists to stay with the NHS and I will be having discussions with the new Secretary of State for Health about how this can be best achieved.”

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