Nominations for North Yorkshire Sowerby and Topcliffe division seat by-election have closed

4 November 2023

Six candidates will contest the by-election in North Yorkshire later this month.

Nominations for the Sowerby and Topcliffe division seat have closed with voters going to the polls on Thursday, November 30.

The candidates are:

  • Dave Elders, The Conservative Party
  • Stew Exotic, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
  • John Philip Hall, Yorkshire Party
  • John Timothy Law, Green Party
  • Dan Sladden, Liberal Democrats
  • Helen Kathleen Tomlinson, Labour Party

Voting will take place from 7am to 10pm with the election count taking place in the evening after the close of polling. Voters attending the polling station for the by-election on November 30 will need to bring photographic identification in order to be able to vote.

Residents in the division have until Tuesday, November 14, to register to vote and until 5pm on Wednesday, November 15, to apply for a postal vote. If someone is unable to vote in person or by post they have until 5pm on Wednesday, November 22, to apply for a proxy vote.

The election has arisen due to the resignation of the former councillor.

More information on the election and a full list of the candidates can be viewed at:

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