Whitby Swing Bridge
Whitby Swing Bridge

Best Things To Do As A Group In Yorkshire

19 September 2023

Yorkshire beckons with a diverse range of experiences that seamlessly blend its historic essence with modern entertainment. Exploring this region as a group not only magnifies the sense of discovery but also fosters deeper connections amidst its scenic landscapes and contemporary attractions.

From marvelling at age-old ruins to diving into the immersive world of live gaming, Yorkshire offers myriad opportunities tailored for adult adventurers.

Take a visit to Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks, nestled in Summerbridge within the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire, presents an awe-inspiring tableau of peculiar rock formations carved by nature’s hand over millennia. This vast moorland canvas, dotted with rocks mimicking animals and other intriguing shapes, is not just a sightseer’s paradise but a hub of activities.

Groups can delve into walking and cycling trails that weave through the landscapes, or engage in orienteering, honing their navigation skills. Geocaching adds an element of treasure hunting, turning the visit into a collaborative adventure.

Sharing the excitement of discovery, challenging each other’s perceptions, or simply soaking in the views together, Brimham Rocks emerges as a quintessential spot for groups craving a mix of leisure and adventure in North Yorkshire.

Take part in live gaming experiences

In Yorkshire, there are plenty of live gaming and immersive experiences for adult groups with a promise of adventure! Groups can dive into the intricacies of puzzle-solving at Tick Tock Unlock Leeds, where the thrill of escape rooms tests camaraderie and wit. For those craving variety, Xscape Castleford unfurls a plethora of games and dynamic experiences, ensuring every member finds their niche of enjoyment.

Meanwhile, VR City catapults visitors into futuristic landscapes, offering an unparalleled virtual reality experience, with party options available to experience VR as a group. Even if you can’t make your way to Yorkshire, there are a variety of options online that allow you to experience games in real-time on your own or in a group.

Explore the popular Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey, perched atop the cliffs overlooking the North Sea, is not just a historical marvel but a significant part of the culture of North Yorkshire. This influential Anglo-Saxon settlement turned Benedictine monastery stands with its hauntingly beautiful ruins that whisper tales from centuries past.

Its Gothic allure, amplified by its connection to Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, has even inspired the famed Whitby Goth Weekend. This event serves as a delightful escapade, offering groups a chance to join in, don period attire, and immerse in the vibrant subculture festivities.

Exploring the Abbey’s grounds and participating in such unique traditions makes for a fun-filled, collective journey into North Yorkshire’s multifaceted heritage.

Discover Viking history at the JORVICK Viking Centre

Immerse yourself in the world of Vikings at JORVIK Viking Centre, a pivotal destination for history aficionados and curious minds alike. As you step through its doors, you’re transported a millennium back to Viking-age York. Together as a group, you can discover more about the Vikings by learning more about Viking weapons, and the Old Norse language, and even experience travelling back to Viking-age York.

The centre’s renowned ride offers a group adventure through time, while state-of-the-art displays showcase genuine Viking treasures, including the impressive Silverdale Hoard, a trove of Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Arabic artefacts. Visiting with friends makes the experience even better, sparking shared wonder and discussions about York’s rich Viking legacy.

Relax at Harrogate’s Rudding Park Spa

Rudding Park Spa in Harrogate, opened in 2017, stands as a beacon of tranquillity and rejuvenation. Located amid serene surroundings, this spa epitomises the luxurious escape many seek from the daily grind. It’s an ideal venue for friends aiming to unwind, offering a plethora of treatments designed to soothe the body and spirit.

From revitalising massages to refreshing facials, each service ensures a memorable relaxation experience. Specifically tailored for adults, it presents an opportunity for friends to relish moments of calm and pampering, making Rudding Park Spa a prime choice for a shared rejuvenating getaway.

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