Green Vehicle Ownership: Navigating the Path to Sustainable Transportation

26 July 2023

Have you noticed a sharp increase in electric and hybrid cars on the roads? Many motorists have made the switch in recent times and this is fantastic to see. Now is the time for action when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, and an electric car is one of the most effective ways that an individual can reduce their environmental impact.

The Benefits of Electric & Hybrid Cars

There are a number of benefits to switching to eco-friendly vehicles. First, you have the environmental benefits as an electric car runs on electricity as opposed to harmful fossil fuels. The fact that you do not need to fill the car up with fuel also means that you can make enormous long-term savings, especially when you factor in the fact that electric cars have no road tax. The Government also offers a few incentives for people buying an electric car, so there are many financial benefits to making the switch along with the environmental benefits.

Charging Infrastructure & Range Considerations

People’s main concern about electric vehicles has been issues surrounding range. This is becoming a thing of the past as the changing infrastructure is constantly growing in the UK – charging points grew from 6,500 at the end of 2016 to 37,261 at the end of 2022 and there are now around 44,408 charging points up and down the country. It is also becoming a lot faster to charge an electric car and the battery technology is constantly improving – the average range is now 236 miles.

Total Cost of Ownership

There are long-term financial benefits to making the switch, but you must consider the total cost of ownership. Electric cars are more expensive, so it is important to consider your finances and determine the best way to fund the purchase. Electric cars will become more prevalent in the used car market in the coming years, so it is worth looking in the second-hand market, with a used Vauxhall Corsa-e being one model to seek out. Additionally, insuring an electric car can be more expensive, but costs are starting to come down as more data becomes available and electric cars become more common on the roads.

Sustainable Maintenance Practices

Purchasing an electric car will significantly reduce your environmental impact, but you also need to practice sustainable maintenance. This will involve regular servicing to optimise efficiency, using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods and eco-friendly disposal of vehicle components and fluids. These practices will help you to further reduce your impact and protect the planet.

Green vehicle ownership is on the rise and now is a smart time to make the switch. An electric car is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact, plus you can make huge long-term savings by making the switch.

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