Nick Palmer
Nick Palmer Selby & Ainsty candidate

Video: Nick Palmer standing as an Independent candidate in the Selby & Ainsty by-election

12 July 2023

We met with Nick Palmer on, 11 July 2023, and talked about why he has taken the decision to stand as an independent candidate in the Selby and Ainsty by-election.

Nick said that his drive to stand for MP came from a deep-level of unhappiness with the current political system in the UK, and that many people have disengaged from politics for that very reason.

Nick said:

I have spoken to many people that tell me that there is something very wrong with the current political system, and they are not being listened to.

We have to realise that politics is a complex issue,  with multiple issues in any 5-year electoral cycle, and we can’t really expect a binary choice to be a satisfactory answer to the complexity of the modern world.

Everything that has happened since the 2019 election would suggest to me we need to review politics, and the process of democracy, if the electorate are to feel greater value from it.



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