Conservatives lose majority on North Yorkshire Council

12 June 2023

Mike Jordon, the Conservative Councillor for Camblesforth and Carlton, part of the Selby and Ainsty division has announced he is resigning from the Conservative Party.

The resignation is with immediate effect and Councillor Jordon will continue to represent the constituents of Camblesforth and Carlton on North Yorkshire Council as an Independent Councillor.

  • 90 Councillors in total
  • 46 Conservative (to become 45)
  • 13 Liberal Democrats
  • 9 Labour
  • 9 North Yorkshire Independent
  • 5 Green Party
  • 5 Independent unaffiliated (to become 6)
  • 2 Labour and Co-Operative Party
  • 1 Liberal Party

Previously the Conservatives held a majority by 1 seat, with Councillor Mike Jordan move to an Independent means the split has gone from a majority 46 conservative: 44: other parties to an equal split of 45 Conservative: 45 other parties.

Councillor Jordon said:

I have listened to my constituents and I recognise their frustration with the Conservative Party and how their policies Nationally and locally are affecting their health and wealth whilst destroying their communities. As a long standing Conservative Councillor currently on North Yorkshire Council I have made the difficult decision to resign, but I believe, in the best interests of my constituents.

I was elected to serve my constituents and work to improve or at least maintain their lifestyle, but through the many erroneous policies of the Conservatives the opposite is happening.

Whilst disappointed at feeling I have no option but to resign from the Conservative Party, I am delighted to be able to announce I will be supporting Keith Tordoff MBE who has been selected by the Yorkshire Party to be its candidate in the election for the very first Mayor of York and North Yorkshire in 2024.

I strongly believe Keith Tordoff, if elected Mayor would make York and North Yorkshire an economic powerhouse, improve transport, whilst also through sustainability initiatives enrich the quality of the lives of people in the County.

Keith Tordoff stood to be Police Fire and Crime Commissioner of North Yorkshire in 2021. With his Police, business and history of public service, I strongly believe Keith Tordoff will deliver, through his leadership the necessary improvements for my constituents and the people of the County.

I will support Keith Tordoff, knowing that if he is elected I have contributed in the longer term towards making my beloved Camblesforth and Carlton and North Yorkshire the best place to live, work or visit.

Keith Tordoff
Keith Tordoff is standing to be the Mayor of North Yorkshire

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