Ofsted report – Good and Outstanding for Saltergate Junior School

26 May 2023

Saltergate School  have provision for children aged 2 to 11, starting in our nurturing settings of Gateways and Nursery through to the Infant School and lastly the Junior School.

In October 2018 the school was deemed to be ‘Required Improvement’.

The last few years have been challenging for all schools, with the lockdowns to steer through.

Throughout, both staff and pupils at Saltergate have shared a determination not to let that get in the way. The school has taken great strides in ensuring that each area of the curriculum is delivered in an engaging and successful way for all students, as well as supporting the wellbeing of all our school community.

Ofsted visited our Junior School in late June 2022. Two of Her Majesty’s inspectors came to our school for two full days. They met with our staff, Governors, LEA advisor and groups of students across both days.

Mark Walker, Chair of Governors said:

This report details many of the fantastic aspects of our school and we are particularly thrilled with the award of Outstanding for our Personal Development.

In the words of Ofsted:

Pupils are happy to attend Saltergate Community Junior School. Many pupils say there is nothing they would change about their ‘amazing’ school. Staff say that leaders are always ready to provide professional and personal support. They are rightly proud to work at this school.

Mrs Joanne Hall said:

Saltergate Schools welcomed a new Headteacher this September, Mrs Joanne Hall, after the retirement of Mrs Linda Mortimer.

I feel very lucky to be leading such a special school community and to be able to build upon the work achieved so far by Mrs Mortimer and the staff team. This successful inspection is thanks to all of our staff at Saltergate in both the infant and the junior schools as we all work closely together for the benefit of our children. Our infant school will be inspected at some point in the near future and we hope that Ofsted will be equally impressed.

Inclusive – everyone counts – everyone is equal and our commitment is to each and every child
Imaginative – in a changing world, we work hard to bring new opportunities in the most creative ways to prepare our children for their future
Innovative – we lead the way with our trailblazing plans, offering children unique experiences to enhance their early and primary years – only the best is good enough for Saltergate children.

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