The Knaresborough Inn and the new branding for the former Dower House Hotel & Spa
The Knaresborough Inn and the new branding for the former Dower House Hotel & Spa

Dower House in Knaresborough to rebrand as The Knaresborough Inn

2 February 2023

The Knaresborough Inn will be the new name for Dower House and Spa in Knaresborough.

  • Acquired by Inn Collection Group in December 2021
  • A Newcastle-based pub with rooms operator
  • Property has been undergoing refurbishment
  • Being brought into its new owner’s model of hospitality

Following the brand style being adopted for all sites belonging to The Inn Collection Group, a new coat of arms has been created for the inn with iconography relevant to the history of both the town and the building itself.

Made up of a shield flanked by two griffins, acknowledging the links of the building to the Slingsby family, the design sees the left-hand side contain a recurring pattern that combines a historical emblem related to St. Robert of Knaresborough and the white rose of Yorkshire.


The-Knaresborough-Inn-Logo (1)


The right-hand side of the shield features further reference to the builders of the original Dower House with a white chevron, and a leopard’s head taken from the Slingsby family crest.

With a food-driven pub at the core of the offering at The Knaresborough Inn, the new name is intended to help it be easily identified and become a focal point of the community.

The Inn Collection Group’s marketing manager Zoe Cooper said:

We’re excited to confirm the new identity of The Knaresborough Inn as it’s reopening draws closer.

We have embraced the history of the building and the site, as well as the wider area and we hope the new look will create a talking point that serves as a link to the past while the site embarks on an exciting future.

Once renovations are complete, the Grade II-listed building will have 16 bedrooms added to its make-up, creating a 57-bedroom property with a new-look ground floor food and beverage spaces.

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