Revealed: The UK’s top 5 takeaway cuisines

16 December 2022

Ever wondered what the UK love to munch on when treating themselves to a takeaway? UK household spending on takeaways is increasing year-on-year. In 2021, 11.2 billion was spent on takeaways and this is despite food delivery apps becoming more expensive. There appears to be no sign of this trend slowing down. The latest data from online bingo site Jackpotjoy shows us exactly which cuisines the nation is reaching for most regularly…

The UK’s love of takeaway meals
It’s no secret that the nation loves a takeaway. There’s nothing quite like forgoing an evening of cooking and washing up in favour of a hearty meal delivered straight to your door – and from incredible cuisines all around the world. But which cuisines came out top?

Britain’s top 5 takeaway cuisines

Here are the results, with the humble fish and chips being crowned the winner.

UK’s top five favourite takeaway cuisines by no. of monthly searches:

1. Fish and chips – 201,000
2. Chinese – 165,000
3. Indian – 90,500
4. Pizza – 1,4800
5. Thai – 9,900

Despite the variety of cuisines cropping up in the list, the classic British staple of fish and chips came out top, with nearly 500,000 internet searches for takeaway suggestions each month. The dish first made an appearance in the UK back in the late-1800s and since then, has only grown in popularity.

Chinese came out second with a third of the searches, meaning this cuisine still had a substantial lead on Indian, which secured the third spot on the leader board.

Which city likes which dish

After crunching the numbers further, it’s clear that some UK destinations have clear favourites.

Leeds – Fish and Chips
• Birmingham – Pizza
• Glasgow – Indian

Birmingham was the only city where pizza came out top, after nearly 9,900 of those living there searched ‘pizza takeaway near me’ each month – clearly, they love an Italian classic! However, fish and chips were the clear winner with the dish reaching number one for most cities.

How do we like our fish and chips?

They may be associated with the seaside, but there are a staggering number of fish and chip shops dotted all around the UK, meaning the entire nation can get their food fix. You’re never far from a fish and chip shop.

The best thing about fish and chips is how versatile it can be. Haddock, sausages or scallops battered each and every way, plus optional extras like mushy peas and curry sauce as an additional relish. Then of course, there’s the classic salt and vinegar topping that really brings the dish to life.

Were you shocked by the results? Tell us how you love to order your fish and chips down below!

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