The Best Board Management Software for Business

7 November 2022

The reality is that getting all employees and partners to work in sync is often a challenge. It is also not always possible for everyone in a business meeting to be physically present, which adds another level of complexity to the task.

This is where virtual board software comes into play. This type of software helps avoid miscommunication and ensures that everyone is in agreement with one another and has up-to-date information.

The right meeting management software will act as an effective communication tool between board members, while the wrong one will do more harm than good. To help your organization find the best board meeting software, we’ve researched and selected the best software available on the market today.

Simply put, these tools will help you perfectly optimize all activities and improve your company’s overall performance. But what board portal really is?

What Is Board Management Software?

Secure access to business-relevant information anytime anywhere is essential for Board and Executive Committee members. They need flexible access options: from the office, from home, in flight, or accessed from a tablet or smartphone.

The board portal management software, or meeting room, is a secure, web-based service that allows for meeting management safe communication and profitable collaboration. Using the board management software the directors can run more efficient and productive board meetings and can track attendance, organize meeting minutes, and share files with others.
The List of the Best Board Management Software for Business

Today, the development of the management system in private companies is more relevant than ever. The needs of owners to change their role in the business after many years of operational management are converging. On the other hand – with a large number of strategic external challenges, without accepting it is impossible for a company to develop sustainably. Third, internal management problems accumulated after many years of growth.

All this requires conscious and careful development of corporate management practices inside the company: development of succession mechanisms, use of the institute of the board of directors or the advisory board, and attraction of independent directors and external experts.
The board management for business is designed to help owners understand what changes to the management system are needed based on their life priorities and company goals, as well as to provide practical tools for its implementation. Here is the list of the best board management software for directors:


Best for teams that want full visibility and transparency of collaborative work. With Wrike software, you can easily create tasks and assign them to appropriate team members. Wrike will help all employees in your organization keep track of what they are doing and direct their efforts toward company goals.

Key Features:
Organize your departments and implement best practices throughout the company as a whole.
You can easily create tasks, schedule calendar events, and track projects.
Find information quickly and make decisions in real-time and eliminate friction with a complete understanding of your company’s work processes. Get the information you need quickly and take action when you need it.

Collaborate with others and instantly share data, documents and reports. With visual verification and automated confirmation systems, you can reduce the process of getting feedback.


1. Professional: for fast-growing teams – $9.80 per user per month.
2. Business: for all teams in an organization – $24.80 per user per month.
3. Enterprise: for larger teams.


Best for those who want to have truly effective employee business meetings. Boardable ensures that your company’s board of directors takes all necessary actions, resolves liability issues, shares online board meeting materials (such as notes) and requests electronic signatures for effective and up-to-date governance.

Key Features:
You can quickly manage your tasks and projects with Task Manager. During and between meetings, you can create, assign and manage activity items. This ensures that tasks are completed with intelligent reporting.

Keep the conversation going by sharing interesting articles and finding paperless meeting solutions, uploading presentations or scheduling events with the click of a mouse. You can also create polls to capture the attention of everyone in a business meeting. With Boardable, you can easily manage your team.
The Document Center collects all board documents in one place. You can get rid of the clutter with email attachments by quickly organizing and distributing documents without using paper documents.

Boardable Spotlight provides the tools you need to communicate with others globally, collaborate effortlessly, and make document decisions in one place.
Automating meeting scheduling not only saves time but also frees up board members so everyone can focus on corporate governance, strategy and other aspects of your mission.

1. Grassroots: the cost starts at $79 per month.
2. Essentials: from $149 per month.
3. Professional: from $249 per month.
4. Enterprise: contact developers for a custom quote.


The best way to take ideas from design to implementation is on a single platform. With board management software InVision, employees can accomplish more by working smarter, faster and collaboratively with others. Clean up the team mindset, improve communication between you and your business partners, simplify the design process, and build a library of components all available on one platform.

Key features:
Create software products that deliver a truly positive user experience. You won’t need to write any programming code, so you can prototype and test your product with real users before you even begin development.

Create clickable, interactive layouts and design prototypes that look and work exactly the way your planned software product would look and work after development is complete.
Gain access to continuous development and choose the right specifications to make each component feel great in any environment.
By integrating with Sketch, you can create related projects more efficiently, making your work more cohesive.

1. Free: for individuals and small teams with no time limit.
2. Pro: $7.95 per user per month (pay per month).3. Enterprise: you will have to contact the developers to get a custom quote.

If your organization wants to continue to grow and evolve with new technology, your board members must have access to quality board portal software while working toward a common goal. If possible, try out different platforms with free trials or demo accounts before you finally decide which software is best for your business.

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