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Paul Ko Ferrigno, Green Party

Harrogate and District Green Party & PCC Statement on PM resignation

21 October 2022

Following Prime Minister Liz Truss’s resignation after a disastrous 44 days in power, the Harrogate and District Green Party consider the Conservative Party no longer has a viable mandate from the electorate.

They say they believe that another internal election rushed through choosing our next Prime Minister in just over a week by members only of the Conservative Party is not in the best interests of our Nation, the wider European community, and the World.

The disastrous policies pursued by the Conservative Party over the past 12 years have resulted in record levels of national debt and personal debt, people having to choose between eating and heating, and unsustainable price increases across the board.

The local Green Party have said that it is apparent the Conservative Party is at war with itself and in no fit state to govern. Therefore, Harrogate & District Green Party would wish to join the National leadership of the Green Party in calling for an immediate General Election.

Harrogate and District Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate Paul Ko Ferrigno:

There is no longer a mandate for the Conservative Party to lead our country. It is clear that the Conservative Party is still deeply divided, despite its attempt to unify itself through Brexit. We in the UK, and the whole World, are in the grip of a climate catastrophe, and we cannot be dependent upon a party which is so clearly at odds with itself.

The ideology of ‘trickle-down economics’ has been well and truly tested and found to be a disaster for people and the planet. We must move fast to embrace policies that protect nature and human health. The Green Party has been developing such policy democratically over decades.

For some Conservatives to consider bringing back previous Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was compelled to resign and is still under investigation for misleading the House, shows a complete lack of respect for the people of this country. We need a new General Election as soon as their Conservative Party has chosen someone to lead them into it, quickly followed by a new proportional representation system.

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