Public Donates Over 600 Unwanted Bikes

6 October 2022

Yorwaste’s recent Get reCycling campaign, designed to get hundreds of the region’s unused and unwanted bikes back onto the road, saw over 600 unwanted bikes donated by the public to be refurbished and put back to good use.

The campaign kicked off with Yorwaste asking the public to drop pre-loved bikes off at its 22 Household Waste Recycling Sites throughout York and North Yorkshire, resulting in hundreds of adult and children’s bikes being donated for refurbishment by the experts at Recycling Project CIC and put back to good use.

As part of the Get reCycling campaign, to promote the joy of cycling and recycling, Yorwaste ran a competition for young people to create bikes made from recycled materials for the chance to win a selection of refurbished, as good as new, bicycles for their entire families, along with a selection of Brownlee Foundation goodies. The campaign also saw the region’s leading waste management firm team up with Recycle Project CIC to roll out several free bike maintenance workshops throughout the summer, where members of the public could learn how to keep their cycles in tip-top condition.

Jonny Brownlee, who supported the campaign, comments:

Yorwaste’s Get reCycling campaign is so important. The more people we can get into the saddle, the healthier, cleaner and better off our region will be. It’s fantastic to see how many bikes have been donated, repaired and given new life over the last couple of years thanks to this initiative.


James Todd, Marketing Executive at Yorwaste, adds:

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the generous people of North Yorkshire who donated bikes, The Recycle Project CIC, The Brownlee Foundation, and Helping Heart for Ukraine in Northallerton for helping us to bring our campaign to life and get bikes into the hands of deserving individuals.

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  1. Very often I use things repeatedly trying to reduce my waste, for example, I found a use for bottles in the form of flower pots, also the drum from the washing machine was recycled into the trash, and the body was converted into a cabinet with shelves, it’s a pity that it’s not always possible to come up with something, but recycling and reuse is a big plus

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