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St Aidan’s Church of England School Ofsted rating moves from “inadequate” to “good”

28 July 2022

St Aidan’s Church of England School Ofsted rating has moved from “inadequate” to “good”

From Septmeber 2021 inspection

  • Quality of education – Good
  • Behaviour and attitudes – Good
  • Personal development – Good
  • Leadership and management – Inadequate
  • Sixth-form provision – Good

From the May 2022 inspection

  • The quality of education Good
  • Behaviour and attitudes Outstanding
  • Personal development Good
  • Leadership and management Good
  • Sixth-form provision Outstanding

After previously being graded as Inadequate following an inspection in the autumn of 2021, a further Inspection has now found the School has an Outstanding Sixth Form and also gave students’ behaviour and attitudes the highest possible grade. All other elements of the School are also rated as being Good, with “robust” safeguarding processes also being deemed as effective.

Chris Ives, the School’s Acting Headteacher, said:

It seems that whenever we talk about our interactions with Ofsted we have to use phrases like “highly unusual” – and our most recent visit was no exception.

Following the outcome of our last inspection, Ofsted returned to conduct a monitoring visit earlier this year. Usually, Ofsted conduct a number of these visits before a school is granted a full inspection where the grading can be reviewed and changed. Typically, this takes two to three years.

In our first monitoring inspection, however, the inspectors felt that the Inadequate grading was not a fair reflection of the School. As a result, they returned two days later for a full inspection.

This is an outcome that we think is a much fairer reflection of our school. In saying that, it is important to stress that changes have been made since the initial inspection outcome. We have collectively worked tirelessly to ensure that our approaches mirror what is required under the Ofsted framework.

We have always believed in what we do and how we do it, and the process we have been through ensures that we are fully in line with every expectation that is placed on us.”


Jo Wicks, Chair of Governors, said:

After a period where we hadn’t been inspected in 15 years, to have three inspections in the matter of months has been challenging.

There have, however, been real positives through this journey. The support we have had from our immediate community has been heartening, and the impact it has had on our School is immeasurable. Our staff have been unbelievably focused and determined to do their very best to ensure our School got the grading it deserved. The Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust has given their unwavering and constructive support.

Most importantly, our students have not let this distract them from achieving their own goals and thriving as individuals. They continue to impress with their generosity of spirit and sharpness of their aspiration.

We are truly delighted that we can end the year so positively, and hope that we can build on the recent success when Ofsted next visit us to secure an Outstanding judgement overall.

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