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Why you should vote on 5 May – Pat Marsh – Harrogate Liberal Democrats

4 May 2022

Pat Marsh is the leader of the Harrogate and Knaresborough Liberal Democrats, and is standing for the Stray, Woodlands & Hookstone ward.

Pat Marsh said:

I believe people putting their names forward to become a Councillor should be doers not just cannon fodder. They should be there to get the best for the people of this Town. An example of this was when the Lib Dem ran the Council for 13 years, taking the Council from the red to the black built 2 swimming pools the Hydro and Nidderdale pools. Created Killinghall sports pitches and pavilions.

Extended Stonefall Cemetery and stopped Tories selling the land to Tesco for a supermarket. Restored and opened the neglected sun Pavilion, refurbished the Turkish Baths. Built 2 car parks, Jubilee and Victoria. Saved the bus station after bus deregulation. Achieved a rail halt at Hornbeam Park. Achieved half price bus fares for over 65’s before national scheme.

Introduced the first cycle lanes Brought Conference and Exhibition business back from the brink of failure. Built many new play areas. Built Stockwell, Fairfax and Jennyfields Community Centres. Built skate parks in Ripon and Knaresborough and worked on the one in the valley gardens. Achieved over 1,000 affordable homes. Introduced recycling and wheelie bins. All this in 13 years yet Council Tax only increased by 18% over those years. In 1998 achieved over £9m in Grants one of the biggest sums for a Council. The Conservatives in the last 20 years tried to mothball the Royall Hall.

Close Starbeck Baths, close Paddling Pools, which Lib Dems got stopped. In opposition with only 8 Councillors have stopped use of single use Plastic in Council Offices, got a Climate Coalition but Tories would not declare a Climate emergency tried twice.

In 20 years the Tories have built a new Civic Centre and a Pool in Ripon. years. What I want to do is get back the vision of what Harrogate wants and needs with an holistic approach to things like Cycle routs, stop piecemeal developments like Station Gateway there are other solutions for instance make Parliament Street 2 way again and work around that. Make sure our buses serve our communities, many left with little if no services. Develop more green spaces for our young children.

I want to be your voice in the Council Chamber, a strong determined voice. I am not afraid of hard work and want to work with the Community to bring back the Harrogate we all knew and loved.


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