Why you should vote on 5 May – Jemima Parker Zero Carbon Harrogate

4 May 2022

Jemima Parker of Zero Carbon Harrogate said:

The next five years, will be a crucial turning point in curbing greenhouse gases and building the infrastructure needed for a zero carbon economy. This coincides with the five year election term of candidates for the new North Yorkshire Council.

The new unitary North Yorkshire Council will have control over key policy areas that can help to shape a zero carbon Yorkshire and with it bring the benefits of more local skilled “green jobs”, warmer homes and better air quality.

For example, transport, which makes up the largest proportion of carbon emissions in North Yorkshire (2.0 MtCO2/yr) comes under the new council’s remit. As does the planning system which can support sustainable development and encourage local renewable generation to cut fuel bills and provide energy security.

You can see many candidates’ views on these matters on the North Yorkshire Climate Coalition’s https://www.nyclimatecoalition.org/

To find the Ward you are in:

Enter your postcode and select “North Yorkshire Council divisions”

Go to Spectrum Spatial Analyst (northyorks.gov.uk)


For the list of councillors nominated in each area:


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