Why you should vote on 5 May – Andrew Gray, founder of Harrogate District Consensus

4 May 2022

Andrew Gray, founder of Harrogate District Consensus, said:

Democracy is the most revolutionary idea, fought for by our forefathers and foremothers. Engaging with our democracy should be a civic duty, one which ought to be mandatory. Sure, our democracy must adapt with the times, harnessing the best that technology has to offer.

Though our current system is flawed, we are blessed to have it. We should participate in it, defend it and enhance it.

I am fortunate to know many of the candidates from a variety of political persuasions. When people say that “politicians are all the same” I can tell you that, ideologically and in terms of experience, they not all the same.

However, in one respect they are all the same: the candidates want the best for the communities. We should thank every candidate and every councillor.


To find the Ward you are in:

Enter your postcode and select “North Yorkshire Council divisions”

Go to Spectrum Spatial Analyst (northyorks.gov.uk)


For the list of councillors nominated in each area:


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