Harrogate Christmas Market 2018-3
Harrogate Christmas Market 2018

Harrogate Christmas Market say that it is ending after 8-years

22 March 2022

The Harrogate Christmas Market has said that they will no longer work to bring back a Christmas Market to Harrogate.

For 2021, Harrogate Borough Council refused to support this community event, and instead bought what was more a farmer’s market to the shopping precinct, where it lacked any Christmas feel, and was much less supported than the Harrogate Christmas Market on Montpellier.

In statement the organisers said:

Harrogate Christmas Market Ltd. has successfully organised the Christmas Market on Montpellier Hill for 8 years.  As a result of Covid, we have been unable to arrange the Christmas Market for the past 2 years.

The Harrogate Christmas Market team leaders have now decided not to organise any future markets in Harrogate.  We thank all our super local volunteers, voluntary organisations, local contractors and traders for all their support over the years.

Our Christmas Markets have attracted over 80,000 visitors per year and supported the local economy by £2.7m per year.  In 2019 it attracted a total of 187 coaches from around the country and nearly 200 local traders selling local produce or products.  Harrogate Christmas Market Ltd has provided financial support to a total of 14 local charities and good causes amounting to over £90,000 for the past five years

We wish those taking up the challenge of providing a good quality Christmas Market in Harrogate all the best as we know how hard it is to create something that is truly appreciated by visitors and traders and which supports local businesses

Thanks for your support over the past 10 years


  1. I am absolutely gutted to hear the news. It was the best Christmas market I have ever attended

  2. I am very saddened by this, especially post Covid as we are retuning to normality. Yes it lacked musical spirit but why not encourage more local talent to participate in this joyous occasion and keep the spirit of Christmas alive in Harrogate. Folk are too quick to be discouraging. Our children need more events In Harrogate to build many happy memories.
    I say let’s make the streets come alive and be positive.

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