How to Make Your Garden More Inviting for Guests

1 March 2022

If you plan on making your garden “the” hangout spot for your friends and family, the key is to make it more inviting for people. To do this, you should first make sure that it looks and plays the part. You have to make it attractive and comfortable, so people will want to be in your garden. Similarly, it should have functional accessories to let your guests have fun despite only being in one area.

So, how exactly can you make your garden look welcoming, safe, and one-of-a-kind, all at the same time? Where do you need to focus? This is what we’re going to walk you through in the next sections.

  1. Embrace Color

There’s nothing more inviting than a well-designed garden. Specifically, those with a good splash of color on their fences, furniture pieces, and overall theme have a better chance of looking more attractive towards other people.

That said, don’t be afraid to explore different colors for your exterior. As long as it doesn’t look tacky, which usually happens when designs don’t mix well with each other, then you will be fine. Consider sticking to one paint palette at first to test waters. You can also use wallpapers, decals, or whichever you feel is best.

One important note to remember is to consider the current exterior design of your home. Make sure that it clashes well with your plans for your garden’s layout.

  1. Install Party Furniture Pieces

You need party furniture pieces to make your garden look more inviting and help in accommodating guests when you finally invite them in.

By party furniture pieces, note that we’re referring to those that are made for multiple people. This means wide and large couches, multiple lounge chairs, and anything that multiple people can use.

This is also where swimming pools fall into place, but since this can be expensive, consider looking into hot tubs for sale online instead. These are outdoor hot tubs that basically act as a mini pool but are more relaxing. It’s also trendy, which ensures better aesthetic qualities for your garden.

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

No one will really feel welcomed if your garden looks pitch dark because of the lack of outdoor lighting. Not only will it be near to non-functional at night, but it can also make the area look gloomy during the day.

Hence, make sure to install a few outdoor lights on your garden to add a welcoming feel to the area. You don’t need a lot. A strip or two of LED lights or a pair of wall lamps will already get you far. These are also two of the most affordable lighting types in the market, which makes them even more worth considering.

  1. Utilize Shady Areas

If the summer season is cruel in your country, you may want to utilize the shady areas in your garden to give your guests space to relax and lounge without worrying about sunburn. You can draw a sun map to have a clear view of the sunlight-covered areas in your garden.

Now, setting the shady areas apart from the sunny ones is one thing. It’s another to fully make use of the former for you and your guests’ advantage. This is where things can get tricky since you need to focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

To make things easier, start by incorporating an appealing design and placing furniture afterward. This will help you make the most out of the space without overlooking how it will look as the finished output.

  1. Consider Organizing an Outdoor Kitchen

It can be inconvenient to go in and out of the house if you have an event where you need to prepare food. If you plan to hold this kind of guest party in the future, it’s just right that you consider adding an outdoor kitchen. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Simply having a table, dining chairs, a grilling stove, or fire pit will be enough.


To sum it up, the garden’s physical appearance and overall functionality will play the biggest parts in making it welcoming. This means that this is where you should focus on throughout the whole process. Try to form a collaborative vibe around your garden by installing furniture pieces and accessories meant for multiple people. A good hot tub can also do the trick if you can’t have a swimming pool.

If you’re trying to appeal to specific people like your friends, and you want to be sure, then you can never go wrong by personally asking them about what they want to see in your garden. Take the most appealing suggestions into account, and you’ll have your draft in no time.

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