Video: Otley road cycleway in Harrogate

23 February 2022

The Otley Road cycleway is now open in Harrogate.

It’s a route that goes from near the reservoirs (College Street junction) to Arthurs Avenue (junction near to Harrogate Grammar School).

In the majority, the route is shared between pedestrians and cycles. At most junctions, they have changed road markings to ensure that the cyclists using the Otley Road  have the right of way over traffic joining it.

At times the markings are confusing, and it is not clear if cycles are to join the main carriageway, eg by Charlie’s Bar and So Bar and Eats!

Also, at the junction near to the Co-op, heading down the hill, it is unclear as to where a cyclist should be.

Harrogate Informer opinion:

The work looks messy and unfinished, but does give advantages to children or families that may not otherwise use the route, due to the volume of traffic.

I think there are risk factors with a shared pathway for cyclists and pedestrians, especially as it is a hill and cyclists could be at some speed.

The junctions also pose a risk as cyclists may be in driver’s blind-spots, but have the right of way using the Otley Road.

I suspect commuting cyclists will continue to use the main carriage way, and use the cycleway just as an overtaking lane when there is congestion.

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