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Harrogate violent robbery: robbers smash through door and attack young mother and children

31 January 2022

A young mother has been left traumatised afte 5 masked men smashed through the back door of her house, and then threatened her.

It happened on 30 Janurary 2022 at 10pm. The masked men were armed with knives and other weapons during the incident near penny pot in Harrogate.

The mother hid in a cupboard whilst trying to protect two babies as the men demanded cash, and threatened to stab them.

Items stolen:

  • Rolex
  • Louis Vuitton bags
  • Engagement ring
  • Cash
  • Car key
  • iPhone

The house was ransacked and vandalized. During the incident, the mother was injured and mother’s partner was stabbed and beaten badly trying to protect them.

Editorial note:

We requested information on the incident from North Yorkshire Police, but have not received any information back. Although the police helicopter was in use at around 11pm, over the Hookstone/ Yorkshire Showground, that may have been due to this incident or a missing person incident.


  1. What is Harrogate coming to its getting really bad. I hope the family are not too badly injured and traumatised. Give them my regards and hope they recover soon 🙏 💜 x

  2. So sad is this incident but what is even more sadder is the fact that it is now an everyday occurrence. Don’t try to defend yourself because it is highly likely that YOU will be the felon not the scum that breaks into your house. What an atrocious society we live in.

  3. Really can’t believe it happening in our local community. I do hope You and your family recove and get all the help you need especially from the professionals. If you require our cleaning services please feel free to call me personally Jason 07956968782 we would not charge you at all. Best regards and hopefully the police catch these scum bags ASAP

  4. Omg so terrible how frightening like Julie green sed wats Harrogate coming to . People work hard for ther belongings for scumbags to do this hope the family get quick recovery so traumatising for children to witness it’s heartbreaking main thing you all are alive but oviously you all have been badly hurt and going to take time to recovery thinking of you all x

  5. All I’ll say is be careful what you flash around. The more money you have on display, the more of a target you will be. There’s a good chance there villans we’re from outside of the area but they were well informed about the amount of valuable goods that were available.

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