Performing artists “mobile DJ” gets kicked out of Brimham Rocks

19 January 2022

A video from performing artists DJ SUAT has gone viral after he filmed himself as a mobile DJ at Brimham Rocks near Harrogate.

See  SUAT | Facebook for more details.

SUAT has over 130K followers and this video has already had over 330K views.

He was asked to leave by National Trust staff for not having permission to film. He was not however rude to the staff, but did ask for clarification as to why he was being asked to leave.

DJ SUAT said:

Just trying to make the world dance!


To see the video:

A statement from the National Trust:

We want everyone to enjoy our places but that means also respecting other visitors, staff and volunteers when they do.

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 limits the activities people may do on open access land, unless the landowner has given them permission to do so.

DJ Suat did not gain permission from us and on the occasion of his visit the team had received multiple complaints about the noise and therefore had a duty of care to act on behalf of other visitors at Brimham Rocks.

Unfortunately, as a result of this video and it’s antagonistic title, the team members featured, and even their extended families have been victims of harassment and bullying, both online and in person.

We welcome visitors to take photographs and videos of the places we care for and there’s no additional charge for amateur photographers to capture shots whilst exploring.

We do ask that anyone looking to use their photographs or videos for commercial use first seeks permission to do so and pays a fee beforehand if approval is given.

This fee raises vital funds needed to care for the places and spaces featured. They will also need to seek permission if they wish to intentionally film or photograph National Trust staff or volunteers, who have a right to privacy.

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