Tesco’s plan for a new supermarket in Harrogate submitted
Tesco’s plan for a new supermarket in Harrogate submitted

Tesco planning application moves to statutory consultation phase

Harrogate Borough Council has validated the Tesco planning application for a new supermarket on the former gas works site on Skipton Road.

If approved by Harrogate Borough Council, Tesco intends to open this new store in 2023.

The Council is now running its statutory consultation and the public can submit comments from now until 30 January 2022.

The application has been validated (reference number is 21/05436/FULMAJ) and the document can be viewed on the Harrogate website here:


The pre-application consultation comments have been received an in the Statement of Community Involvement, including a breakdown of responses.

This can be viewed here: https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/files/6E06920D630F6E01FBADB0191A712500/pdf/21_05436_FULMAJ-STATEMENT_OF_COMMUNITY_INVOLVEMENT-7443960.pdf

From the report:

  • Respondents were keen to show their support for both the construction of a new supermarket and specifically a new Tesco.
  • The main enquiry raised by respondents to the consultation was that the proposals would have a negative impact on traffic.
  • In addition, residents considered the delivery of a more local option suitable for a ‘big shop’ as a factor which could help them reduce how far they have to travel and the associated emissions.


  1. Putting a TESCO store at the old gas works site is a very BAD idea. Too much noise from traffic, pollution from 24hr lighting and toxic soil not to mention the upheaval of wildlife and endangered newts and bats. Why cut down trees when we are supposed to be saving trees. Don’t need another petrol station as we already have 2 in close proximity of the proposed site. Another roundabout close to the existing one will cause abominable traffic chaos. Not to mention the upheaval for local residents while the roadworks are carried out. Also why should the residents on Electric Avenue be sandwiched between two roads. The traffic is bad enough as it is but will only get worse. This has not been thought out properly or by anyone who lives anywhere near the proposed site. Ask yourselves would you want a road carrying lorries day and night at the bottom of your garden? No of course you wouldn’t. This is a very bad idea and should be stopped before it goes any further. Just talk to residents who will be affected then go back to your offices and houses far away from the site and think again. NO TESCO ON THIS SITE

  2. A supermarket is needed at this side of town, especially with the rapidly growing residencies in the area. Will reduce cars travelling on Skipton Road to the supermarkets at the other side of town.

    • Why not build it further down the road where they are building a new housing estate there is more suitable sites than this one….

  3. Get a grip we need a Tesco,people of Harrogate will come up with any old rubbish to stop Tesco being built,all the new houses nearby don’t you think both Tesco and residents will benefit? I do also employment in Harrogate will drop,get over it you stuck up people of Harrogate

    • Would love to see a Tesco in Harrogate. With all the new houses going up in and around the area a supermarket this end is needed. I do believe the traffic at the current Skipton roundabout may be eased with this aswell. The old site is not nice to look at and needs to be redeveloped.

  4. People need to realise that if the proposal is given the go ahead it’ll save many journeys through and beyond the town centre. Which can be gridlocked at times.
    Hundreds of new houses are being built close by. They (at present) have no option but to travel longer distances.

  5. I would love a Tesco supermarket to come to Harrogate. Having a supermarket at this end of town makes perfect sense with all the new housing that has been added. Granted not everyone is a tescos fan so not everyone will be in favour but I would definitely use it and would much rather see a supermarket there than the gas works

  6. No tesco is needed at this location at all. It would have a detrimental effect on wildlife inhabiting that small woodland and would mean cutting down a fair amount of trees. With plenty of shops already dotted around jennyfields a tesco store would only stock the same items already on sale in said shops. I walk literally everywhere and the Asda store is only 20 minutes walk from where I live plus there are plenty of shortcuts can be taken to get to the town centre with ease. Gas mains are located at this site also which could cause major problems and extra costs if the mains were to be damaged in anyway during building. I urge you to say no to Tesco.

  7. You don’t build a new supermarket on the door step of peoples houses, pollution at it’s best, fumes light, noise to name 3, Aldi built next to B&Q, see what problems that has caused for parking, and entering and exiting the site, there is a co op store on Jennyfields…would you like street lighting coming in your bedrooms and lounges when it’s dark, would you like to sit in your garden on a summer night, with the sound of banging and crashing and car fumes, the air quality will be very low so those with breathing problems will suffer…..it is agreed maybe a new store is needed but the previous consultation of 187 people, the majority agreed….there is a hell of a lot more than 187 people in that area

  8. I think having a supermarket at this location is valid. The building of new houses at this end of time. Surely requires this. It will reduce the traffic flow on Skipton road. Having a Asda in town, hasn’t caused major traffic problems.

  9. I don’t object to a new supermarket in Harrogate, however, I don’t think this is the right place to build it. It’s too close to the existing roundabout at the bottom of Ripon Road and to the entrance into the small business park where Aldi and B&Q are. It will cause congestion and tailbacks.

    I also don’t understand why we need yet another petrol station, especially if we are all to move to electric-powered cars.

    There’s also the wildlife to consider in that particular area.

    I feel very sorry for the residents in that area as they will have to endure the disruption and then when it’s finished, there will be delivery lorries, vans, and shoppers. There will be no peace for them.

  10. Jennyfields and killinghall moor has expanded massively over the years
    Currently all those living in that area have no choice other than to drive to the other side of Harrogate to a decent sized supermarket
    More housing in this area requires a supermarket close by, Tesco is the right solution

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